Mini Implant Patient

Case ID: 34258

Close-Up: Right Loss of lower teeth with pain on chewing and history of an ill-fitting partial. Left Bone loss which would require block grafting for traditional implants or would be amenable to mini-implant partials.

Close-Up: Right 4 mini-implants in place and we retained a tooth on the patient’s left to preserve bone. Left Placement of the implants within a very narrow amount of bone.

Close-Up: Right Inside of the lower metal reinforced partial with the keeper caps for the mini-implants. Left X-ray of the mini-implants in place and being used to preserve bone and help hold his lower partial tight.


This gentleman had been wearing a poorly fitting partial denture. We placed 4 mini-implants to preserve the bone and provide a partial denture that wouldn’t pop out or rock.

It should be noted that without the mini-implants the denture would tip forward with chewing and put excessive forces on the lone bicuspid. This would lead to loss of this bicuspid. So the addition of implants or mini-implants can often help retain teeth by decreasing forces on these individual teeth.

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