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Dear Dr. Winter,

I have many chipped and stained teeth and am embarrassed by my smile. What does it take to improve my smile and how quickly can this be done?

Dear Joe,

I get many questions like yours and the answer is that I have to see you and get x-rays to evaluate what you have. Sometimes people have periodontal disease from smoking or not flossing which makes the foundation inflamed. Other times people have relatively few problems except they are addicted to good coffee! So, once we have evaluated the foundation, the existing teeth and restorations we can offer you options that fit within your budget.

Solutions can range from simply polishing your teeth or replacing defective fillings to creating pretty smiles with crowns or porcelain veneers. When patients come to our office for new patient examinations we perform oral cancer exams, digital x-rays, we utilize Cari-Vu transillumination cameras, Diagnodent laser caries detector, and intra-oral cameras as well as digital photography to help us analyze your situation!

Then we present options and explain the advantages, disadvantages, benefits, and risks of your choices so you can make an informed decision. Lastly, we offer Care Credit and I-Care so that your dental solution can be affordable! Visit to read our articles, hear our testimonials and see the largest photo gallery in the state!

Dear Dr. Winter,

I went to a dentist that told me I need 5 root canals and 15 fillings and implants and I am overwhelmed! I cannot afford all this stuff but they didn’t seem to hear me and wanted to schedule me right away. What should I do?

Dear Louis,

I am sorry you are having extensive issues with your teeth! In an article series I wrote called “Upgradeable Dentistry” (which you can read in its entirety on our website under publications, you will see that dentistry can be performed in many ways and at different paces depending upon a patients’ needs, wants, desires, and budget!

We would be happy to perform a secondary exam, outline the priority of your care and give you stages so it is less overwhelming. As well we will discuss options for your restorative care so that you may weigh the benefits of one type of care versus another. Sometimes dentists may wish to perform extensive treatment when they could simply perform enough dentistry to save essential teeth while patients are preparing for more extensive treatment plans over time. Please call our office at 414-464-9021 if you wish to be seen for a second opinion or for us to perform our examination with x-rays should you also wish all costs and options.

All the best,

Master Academy of General Dentistry
Diplomate International Congress of Oral Implantologists
Diplomate American Board of Oral Implantologists
Fellow American Academy of Implant Dentistry
Dr. Bruce Winter Board MATC
Associate Professor Marquette Dental School

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