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Certainly, when conditions are optimal and budgets allow the most ideal treatment is “fixed” or non-removable teeth. This is accomplished with implant supported bridges or hybrid prostheses which are screw retained or cemented implant dentures. When we must be more budget minded an overdenture may be the treatment of choice. This involves putting in implants and either connecting the implants with a bar which a denture may snap on to or it may involve having a denture snap directly into individual implants via a retentive device. Implant over-dentures that are connected with bars enjoy more support, stability and retention.

By connecting implants with a bar the forces of chewing are spread out over the bar and these forces are absorbed by the bar so all implants are helping together to provide chewing while decreasing the load to any individual implant.

Locator attachment dentures or partials are snapping on and off of individual implants. This increases the forces to each individual implant as they are not splinted together for strength. These are excellent prostheses when a patient cannot afford a bar over denture, or implant bridge.

Sometimes patients may have individual implants and a snap-on denture made and after a year or two they may add implants and upgrade to a bar overdenture or implant bridge. So the sequential improvement of implant dentistry allows patients to begin to restore their bites and smiles at a pace they can afford!

Bar Overdenture

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Snap On Denture

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Hampton Dental Associates | Richard Winter DDS & Bruce Winter DDS | Milwaukee, WI

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