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Smile Makeover in Milwaukee, WI

Your smile is your first introduction to everyone you meet. It is a central feature of your appearance and is one that you deserve to love. A healthy, functional, attractive smile can boost your sense of confidence. It can also elevate your personal calling card. Studies confirm that our smile says a lot about us. Based on the appearance of the smile, we may appear younger or older, more or less friendly, and even more or less trustworthy. If your smile does not represent the image you have of yourself or you have functional concerns related to missing teeth, bad crowns, discoloration, crooked teeth, or other issues, you could benefit from discussing treatment options with your dentist.

What is a smile makeover?

A Smile Makeover can be as easy as cosmetic reshaping, adding some tooth-colored fillings, or simple tooth re-alignment using Invisalign. Not everyone needs full-mouth reconstruction using dental implants, crowns, or other restorations. However, many of our patients do, and we have the training to address some of the most significant functional problems, including broken teeth, badly infected teeth, and tooth loss.

A smile makeover is a series of treatments that are designed to address your unique concerns.  Whatever your needs and desires for your smile, we are here to help! At Hampton Dental Associates we won’t just look at a single problem but we will examine your entire mouth so that any and all improvements can be identified and treated according to your desires and budget. We have the latest state-of-the-art instruments to help us achieve the best outcomes. We utilize advanced technologies like LightScalpel CO2 lasers for precise, comfortable tissue shaping and removal. We use Piezoelectric devices for some surgeries and have the latest digital x-ray equipment to help accurately diagnose various dental problems. We also put the latest, most advanced dental training to use in the restoration of a healthy, functional, attractive smile.

Actual Patient Case

Who Is a Good Candidate for a Smile Makeover?

A smile makeover can be beneficial for just about any adult who wants to improve their teeth. Many of our patients for whom we develop a personal treatment plan have moderate to severe functional issues to address. Some have crowns that no longer fit well or that were made in a standard lab using outdated materials. Some have badly damaged teeth that they would like to replace with lifelike replicas. You don't have to be in perfect oral health to have a smile makeover. Part of our process can focus on eliminating infection and repairing teeth. Likewise, you don't have to be in poor oral health to be a good candidate for a smile makeover. Some of our smile makeover patients want to replace old silver fillings with tooth-colored restorations. They may want to whiten their teeth or alter the appearance of their smile with porcelain veneers. The smile makeover is completely customized to improve whatever aspects of the smile you wish.

How Can you Prepare for a Smile Makeover?

The best way to prepare for a smile makeover is to gather all of the information you will need to feel confident in your decision. You might begin your process by writing a list of concerns you would like to address. Take a good look at your smile and determine what you like and what you would like to improve. You may also look at some of the images in a dentist's Before and After Gallery. Ours can be found here. Before your consultation for a smile makeover, also write down questions that you have. This may include questions about what types of procedures the dentist may recommend, how long your smile makeover may take, and the expected outcome of your treatment program. Questions should also be directed to your dentist about their training and clinical experience.

Dr. Richard Winter is a Diplomate of the American Board of Oral Implantologists. This designation represents his achievement of the highest level of competence in implant dentistry. When you choose Hampton Dental Associates for your smile makeover, you can trust that you will receive care from highly-competent dentists who treat their patients like family.

How Long Will It Take to Complete a Smile Makeover?

Every smile makeover is designed around the patient so will have its own timeline. Patients requiring more extensive reconstruction such as bone grafting and dental implants can expect a months-long treatment process that involves a few visits with a span of time in between for healing. Patients who are interested primarily in reviving the appearance of their smile with cosmetic procedures like veneers or teeth whitening may complete their entire process within four to six weeks.

Our advanced training in the area of oral implantology and reconstructive dentistry makes us a premier dental office in the Milwaukee area for full-mouth reconstruction. Our smile makeover patients have big issues to address, and we have the clinical background to achieve results that look and feel natural. While a smile makeover can and does improve the appearance of the smile, our techniques very often bring a smile back from the brink. We treat patients who have lost a significant amount of bone density from years of wearing dentures. We treat patients who have suffered severe oral infection and tooth damage. The processes involved in repairing these more significant issues take time, but every step along the way, patients are regaining comfort and confidence.

Are there any Risks Associated With a Smile Makeover?

The risks associated with reconstructive procedures for functional improvements are very low when patients choose a dentist with a wealth of training and experience. The dental implant procedure is especially common today and many dentists offer this treatment to replace one or more missing teeth. As a Diplomate of the American Board of Implantologists, Dr. Winter provides care with an extraordinary amount of skill. While this cannot completely eliminate all of the risks associated with reconstructive procedures like bone grafting and dental implant treatment, it does reduce them significantly. Some risks associated with reconstructive procedures include implant failure, infection, and premature failure of restorations. More conservative procedures also carry the risk of premature restoration failure, a complication that can be minimized by taking good care of your teeth after your treatment plan is complete.

What can you expect from a smile makeover?

When you are considering a smile makeover, your dentist will go over the details of what you can expect. You will address the areas you want to improve or change in the appearance of your smile and he will then suggest procedures that will achieve the results that you want. Each potential procedure will be discussed in detail. Then a treatment plan outlining the different procedures that will be performed, as well as a timeline, will be mapped out.

Beyond the technical knowledge of dentistry, a smile makeover requires artistic skills to ensure the end result is a natural-looking smile that complements the facial features. Our team at Hampton Dental excels in both facets of the smile makeover.

What are the different smile makeover options for patients in Milwaukee?

lava before closeup

All smile makeovers at Hampton Dental Associates are personalized — no two smile makeovers in our clinic are the same. Each patient has unique needs and we personalize a plan of action just for you. You can choose from a wide array of dental services for your smile makeover.

Teeth Whitening

Bright white teeth instantly give the impression of youth and health. Our teeth whitening procedures are guaranteed to whiten your teeth up to 8-10 shades in just one visit. And to ensure that you maintain the brightness of your smile, we have whitening kits that you can use at home.


Veneers can repair minor dental flaws like cracks, chips, and minor gaps in between the teeth. Veneers are very thin shells placed on the surface of the teeth that instantly improve the appearance of the damaged areas. This is one of our most popular treatments at Hampton Dental Associates because veneers produce a very natural-looking result.

Crowns and Bridges

Dental crowns are a great solution for severely damaged teeth, as they can restore both the function and appearance of a damaged tooth. A dental crown serves like a tooth cap that is placed over a worn-down or fractured tooth to restore and reinforce the tooth structure. Crowns maintain the functionality of a tooth, eliminating the need for extraction.

For missing teeth, we utilize dental bridges in our smile makeovers. Bridges are anchored to adjacent healthy teeth (or implants) with dental crowns to provide a “fixed” long-term solution.

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Gum Lifting and Gum Reshaping

If your gumline is overly low, you may need a gum lifting and reshaping procedure. People with excessive gum tissue often feel insecure even if they have otherwise good dental health. Our state-of-the-art laser technology utilized for gum lifting and reshaping reduces the amount of gum tissue that appears when you smile.

Our State-of-the-art LightScalpel laser is the most studied 10,600nm CO2 Laser on the market today! Not only does this laser seal blood vessels and lymphatics allowing for less discomfort and better healing, it is much quicker then using an electrosurgery or blade to accomplish tissue sculpting. Also as this Laser is capable of “Super Pulse technology” it can remove tissue, coagulate or ablate tissues with minimal bleeding and allow the tissues to not heat up and “char” like dentists that use diode lasers which can heat up a glass rod to between 500 and 900 degrees when removing tissue.

How Can You Maintain Your Smile Makeover Results?

Your perfect smile does not end when your smile makeover is complete. We provide all of our smile makeover patients in Milwaukee the proper dental education to make sure that they maintain their beautiful smiles and the best dental health. We will also schedule you for continuing cleanings and whitenings to ensure that your teeth are indeed something to smile about.

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