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Dear Dr. Winter,

I have severely worn-down teeth. They hurt all the time and my smile looks like I am 20 years older than I am. I used to have beautiful teeth and desperately want them back again.

Dear L,

Teeth wear down for a number of reasons. You could have “occlusal disease”, which is severe wear due to loss of teeth, extensive fillings that have broken and a virtual collapse of your bite. So, loss of teeth leads to the remaining teeth having accelerated wear. Habits: Eating acidic food like lemons or sour candy has acidic components that will wear down teeth. Chewing on ice cubes and pencils can also cause wear. So, examining your diet (foods and drinks) and habits can help eliminate the cause of this wear.

Parafunction: When people grind their teeth at night or clench their teeth together during the day or during exercise can cause teeth to bend and wear at a higher rate. Bulimia and anorexia: Eating disorders affect significant numbers of men and women today. The stomach acids can also erode your teeth. So, we will examine the causes of your severe wear and come up with a plan to stop the habit and then repair your teeth. Often times teeth with severe wear will require fillings or crowns to bring
them back to their original contours. If the wear is extensive and effects all of the teeth then full mouth rehabilitation may be an option where crowns are placed on an entire arch or performed for the entire mouth. Read my articles on Upgradeable Dentistry to learn how we do this here.

Dear Dr. Winter,

Dear Dr. Winter, I read that you have ways to help with tongue tie and lip ties. I can’t speak properly and cannot stick my tongue out of my mouth and want to learn more about these procedures.

Dear Ann,

Dear Ann, tongue ties, lip ties and other oral webbings are often associated with speech problems, recession, root sensitivity, incision line opening and these can easily be removed. The use of the CO2 laser 10,600nm by Lightscalpel uses photonic energy to gently unzip these webbings with minimal discomfort and little to no swelling. The reason for this is that this wavelength unlike a diode laser has a strong attraction to water molecules. The laser energy heats up water and vaporizes the tissue (erases it!). The CO2 laser does this down to the fraction of a millimeter and there is virtually no zone of necrosis so the tissues are not burned or charred like a direct contact diode laser or “red hot glass poker” that represents most lasers used today in dentistry. Please call for a no charge consultation to see if a laser frenectomy is right for you at 414-464-9021. You can also see videos of how this laser works on our website!

We offer 24 month interest free financing through Care Credit and provide financing through I-Care to ensure this is affordable! Please call 414-464-9021 to schedule your comprehensive examination today.

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