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What are one-day implants?

At Hampton Dental Associates, we believe in providing our patients with the latest advancements in dental technology. An example of that technology is one-day implants, where we can replace a patient’s missing teeth in just one day. Where the installation of dental implants used to involve multiple appointments over months, the same excellent results can now be achieved in a single day, giving our patients the instant satisfaction of regaining their beautiful smiles.


Whether the patient needs to replace one tooth, multiple teeth, or all of their teeth, breakthrough “Immediate Function Technology” makes it possible quickly and easily. With the development of one-day implants, patients get fixed restorations put in place in less than 24 hours.

This type of technology does away with the months of waiting for traditional dental implants to completely fuse with the underlying jawbone, and also takes away the need to delay finishing the procedure until the wounds on the gums have healed. The latest innovations of one-day implants allow the restorations to be installed on the same day, during a single dental appointment.

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How does it work?

During an initial consultation appointment, Hampton dentists take a state-of-the-art, three-dimensional CT scan that produces high-resolution images of the patient’s oral cavity. These images are loaded into virtual-planning software that maps out a step-by-step procedure for the implantation. Based on these images, replacement teeth are fabricated according to each patient’s unique requirements.

When the patient comes in for the second appointment, the replacement teeth are ready. One-day implants are then put in place on the patient’s jawbone. Posts are attached, and the dental restoration connected immediately after.

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What are the advantages of getting one-day implants?

The most obvious advantage of one-day implants is the ease of the procedure and the convenience that it affords the patient by eliminating the need for multiple appointments and waiting months for the implant to be ready. With one-day implants, the patient does not have to go toothless for any amount of time since their missing teeth can be restored in a single day. The procedure for installing one-day implants has become streamlined and has saved countless patients time and reduced their anxiety over waiting for their dental restorations.

One-day implants have also greatly improved the quality of the final results, giving the patient a healthy and a beautiful smile in no time at all.

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Is Everyone a Candidate for One Day Implants?

No! One day implants is a procedure where implants that have not integrated are being put under occlusal stress. This means that while they do work and can be used, it is a very carefully discussed procedure. If the bone is not dense enough to provide solid torque; then immediate implants can not be done.

We require a minimum of 35 Ncm-2 to put a chimney (abutment) on a tooth at the time it is placed. That means we cannot promise anything but will do our best to provide this service.

If a full arch of teeth are required then immediately loaded or “one day implants” can be considered if each of the implants are solid when they are placed and a patient goes on a very soft diet for 8 weeks! Bone undergoes remodeling and the most predictable way to use same day implants is when their are many implants that are splinted together to share the forces during this delicate bone remodeling period.

Most implant procedures are predictable if healing is allowed, then implants are uncovered and the bridge or prosthetic device is made(this is referred to delayed implant placement). Patients seeking same day implant treatment must be prepared for higher costs and possible failure rates that are higher than allowing implants to heal uneventfully. Literature does support same day implants and when done well by a strict set of rules they work equally as well as delayed implant procedures.

One Day Implants

It is important to know that we can not always promise this procedure even though their are big clinics that promise to place 4 implants and a full arch or full mouth of teeth in one day. Be advised that If even one implant fails, the entire prosthesis fails. So whenever possible, a more conservative approach and more implants or over-engineering is always preferred.

What are my Implant Options?

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