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Replace Your Teeth and Restore Your Smile with Dentures

People lose teeth for a variety of reasons, from tooth decay to genetic defects, to trauma. Whatever the reason, a missing tooth not only looks strange but can impact your diet and speech. However, you don’t need to live with these issues. Dentist Bruce Winter, Dentist Rick Winter, and their Milwaukee practice Hampton Dental Associates offer dentures to help patients maintain their smile and dental health. Whether you need all of your teeth replaced, or just some, or want to have a permanent option, we are here to help you. If you are interested in dentures, please contact our Milwaukee, WI office or call us at (414) 464-9021 to schedule your appointment

What are dentures?


Dentures, otherwise known as false teeth, are an item used to replace missing teeth that have been lost due to tooth decay, gum disease, genetic defects, or trauma. They help to restore the natural function and appearance of the missing teeth. Traditionally, dentures have been removable, but now patients have many options when it comes to denture design and permanency.

What are the types of dentures available for patients in Milwaukee?

Dentures are categorized as complete or partial depending on how many teeth the dentist needs to replace.

Partial dentures are an option for patients who have lost only some of their teeth on an arch. They are made from a gum-colored base connected to a metal framework and are attached to the adjacent remaining teeth for support. Advances in prosthetics have made it possible for patients to have flexible partials, which are built with the patient’s comfort in mind. When compared to its counterpart that uses metal clasps, flexible partials are virtually invisible and look very much like the patient’s natural set of teeth.

Hampton Dental Associates offer the option of fixed or removable partial dentures. Fixed partial dentures, commonly called crown and bridge dentures, are secured by dental crowns on both ends with the gap filled with artificial teeth. These are anchored to the adjacent teeth by a dental implant, making it a permanent dental appliance.

Complete dentures


Complete dentures are used to replace a full row of missing teeth either in the upper or lower arch. Dentists further classify complete dentures as “conventional” or “immediate” depending on when the dentist provides them to the patient.

Conventional dentures are placed in the patient’s mouth after the gums have healed following tooth extractions. The configuration and shape of the gums change after tooth extraction, and waiting for them to heal completely will provide the patient with better-fitting dentures.

Many patients prefer immediate dentures because they don’t want to remain toothless while waiting for the gums to heal. Before the dentist extracts the last tooth, dental impressions will be made. Immediately following the final tooth extraction, the dentist will place the false teeth in the patient. However, this option requires the patient to come in again for a refitting as the gum shape changes as the gums heal.

Why Should I get false teeth?

Many people believe that dentures serve a purely cosmetic function. While false teeth restore the appearance of the patient’s teeth, returning a confident smile to the user, that is not the only benefit they provide a patient. Dentures help restore the chewing ability of a patient whose bite was compromised due to lost teeth. They also provide the support needed by the cheeks and lips to avoid the collapsed appearance that can result from tooth loss and the corresponding loss of muscle support. Beyond chewing and smiling, false teeth also restore normal speech function and reduce the slurring of words caused by missing teeth.

What can patients expect?

Before you receive your dentures, you will have several appointments over three to six weeks at our Milwaukee, WI office. During your first appointment, Dr. Bruce Winter or Dr. Rick Winter will take jJaw impressions to measure how the jaws relate to each other. A wax or plastic form is then made into the exact shape and position of the dentures you will have. Adjustments are made until the perfect fit is achieved. After agreeing on the ideal color for the artificial teeth, the final denture will be cast and fitted. Then final adjustments are made to ensure the perfect bite.

Patients can expect their false teeth to feel a little loose and odd during the first weeks of wearing them as the muscles and the tongue are learning to keep the dentures in place. You can also experience minor irritation and soreness, but these symptoms will slowly go away as your mouth gets used to the false teeth. Initially, pronouncing certain words will seem difficult, but again, over time you will find that you can speak normally.

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