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Upgradeable Dentistry in Milwaukee, WI

Dr. Richard Winter discusses the concept of upgradeable dentistry that enables patients to get the most benefit from their dental “budget.”

Insightful planning that incorporates a focus on the future desired outcome, rather than a short-sighted focus on the here and now, creates opportunities for patients to have dental treatments that are incremental and don’t squander financial resources…. whether private or insurance based.

Incremental planning assures that nearly no procedures need to be repeated. Patients now have the additional option of improving overall dental health with each treatment session instead of patchwork dentistry.

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The History Of Upgradable Dentistry

The concept of Upgradeable Dentistry was developed by Dr. Winter and he wrote an article on this concept that was published in 4 parts in Dentistry Today. The concept says Dentistry is dynamic. Sometimes people can only afford certain procedures or are limited by insurance reimbursements. Upgradeable Dentistry allows a patient to pursue the treatment they want at a pace they can afford. Sometimes we can do temporary partials until a person can afford traditional partials. Other times we can place a few implants and make a Snap-on-denture and then place implants each year until a fixed implant bridge can be made. Whatever a person wants or needs, according to their own personal situation is what Upgradeable Dentistry is all about.

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What are the benefits of upgradeable dentistry?

Upgradeable dentistry is a dynamic approach to dental care based on the current condition and needs of the patient but also taking into account updating and upgrading the patient’s dental needs and care as their situation evolves in the future. This means that, while a patient may not be able to afford what would be the best course of treatment at the present time, upgradeable dentistry looks to continue updating and upgrading their dental solutions as their situation changes moving forward. Each treatment builds upon the prior treatment in an incremental way.

This keeps the patient from being locked into a single very involved treatment. This allows our dentistry to be a dynamic process for the patient, adapting to their needs and financial situation. The focus for the patient and for our team at Hampton Dental Associates can be on a future desired outcome, rather than on a short-sighted single treatment or process.

This also keeps the patient from feeling overwhelmed by the treatment and its cost. It gives the patient the long-term goal, and he or she knows the steps we can take to get there. Upgradeable dentistry diverges from the “you need this today or else” approach taken by most dentists.

Patient Testimonial

"At 46 I've had my fair share of dental visits, believe you me this was the best experience I've had in my adult life. Affordable prices, professional, attentive staff. The doctor was personal, knowledgeable, wonderful. Words of complement / recommendation don't begin to do justice to this business and how great I felt when I left" - L.L.

What makes upgradeable dentistry Affordable?

Upgradeable dentistry is the perfect approach for patients who may otherwise feel overwhelmed by their dental situation and what is needed to correct it. This can make a patient avoid seeking the care they desperately need, as they know they will have trouble figuring out how to pay for it. And they certainly don’t look forward to the procedures needed.

By laying out a plan, Dr. Winter allows the patient to see the incremental steps we will take to achieve the result that is right for his or her dental future. This makes the current treatment and the future steps easy to understand and feel good about. Upgradeable dentistry makes the entire start-to-finish process feel achievable.

How will my upgradeable dentistry plan be created?

Every patient’s situation is unique, and Dr. Winter treats each case that way. The first step is a thorough examination of the patient’s mouth. This involves not only the teeth, gums, and tongue, but also the patient’s bite. We will include x-rays and CT scans of the patient’s bone structure and teeth. This initial examination is intended to set a benchmark for future treatment.

Using this information, Dr. Winter will create a plan to get you to a point of full oral health and a beautiful smile. This in no way will be an all or nothing situation. We will present you with the steps we feel will work for your situation along with a potential timeline to get you to the final goal.

What dental treatments can be incorporated in my upgradeable dentistry plan?

There isn’t a set menu Dr. Winter uses when creating an upgradeable dentistry plan. These are typically an involved set of necessary procedures to bring the patient’s oral health back to where it needs to be and then to upgrade the aesthetics. These are restorations, not cosmetic improvements. As such, these plans will likely involve some or all of these treatments:

  • Bone grafting
  • Root canals
  • Extractions of badly damaged teeth
  • Implants
  • Implant-supported dentures
  • Crowns
  • Bridges

Is upgradeable dentistry available for both adults and children?

It’s easy to assume this type of incremental approach to restoring a person’s dental health only applies to adults, and they are the main candidates for this approach. But in some cases, a child’s dental health has been so neglected that they are perfect candidates for upgradeable dentistry.

One difference between adult and pediatric patients could be the need to move teeth. This is especially true if the child has been missing a few teeth and the remaining teeth have slid into the gaps unevenly. Children won’t typically have the amount of tooth loss as adult patients, but they can require a series of procedures and treatments to bring their oral health back up to where it needs to be heading into adulthood.

And, just as with a combination of adult procedures, a combination of pediatric dental procedures can add up. In those cases, upgradeable dentistry would be just as appropriate for a child as an adult.

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