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Dr. Rick Winter, a 3rd generation General Dentist, has a record of striving to be on the leading edge of implementing the latest technology developments and advanced product design for several years.

His development of the Upgradeable Dentistry concept is based on the treatment plans and protocols he routinely develops for Milwaukee and out-of-state patients seeking sensible and affordable treatments that achieve patient defined goals within a timetable defined by the patient…. not the dentist.

Dr. Winter’s popularity within the professional community has grown at a rapid pace.

The prestigious Dentistry Today journal recently awarded Dr. Winter for his involvement and creativity in the advancement and application of modern dentistry treatment concepts.

Below is a library of dental articles published in Dentistry Today and other professional journals authored by Dr. Winter that focus on techniques, procedures, protocols and particular reconstructive and restorative components used by Dr. Winter that enables patients to enjoy the benefits of upgradeable dentistry.

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Alphabet Soup-One Dentist’s Journey

By Richard B. Winter, D.D.S. M.A.G.D. D.I.C.O.I. D.A.B.O.I./I.D. F.A.A.I.D.


Why do you belong to the AGD? To track C.E.? Discounts for national meetings? Insurance Discounts?

Well this is an article of why I got involved in the AGD and the journey it has taken me on. After graduating from the University of Minnesota’s School of Dentistry in 1988, I joined a practice with my father and brother. That gave me incredible insight into how much I DID NOT know about dentistry.

With my father’s love of continuing education, I was motivated to start taking courses to fill in the gaps left by a 4-year dental education. I took courses by Harold Shavell, Lloyd Miller, Peter Dawson, Jack Turbyfill and others. It wasn’t long before I started questioning denture techniques, esthetics, centric relation and began a journey that I am still on 27 years later.

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