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Should you be using mouthwash?

The commercials claim that mouthwash can do it all – fight cavities, give you fresh breath, even give you whiter teeth. But, you’ve tried one or two different brands and they didn’t seem to do anything at all. Is mouthwash important for preventing oral health problems, or is it just a waste of money?  What …

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What is scaling and planing?

Has your dentist told you that you need a scaling and planing? Although they may not sound very pleasant, these two treatments can help save your teeth and gums from developing serious problems. Read on for some information on scaling and planing, and find out why your dentist has recommended these important procedures!  What happens …

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Different Implant Options

Dentistry is all about the patient – providing what they need, when they need it. Dental implants are a great example of how dentistry has evolved for the patient’s needs. They are a standard technique for replacing missing teeth, but there are now different options available to suit the needs of different patients.  What are …

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Are dental x-rays safe?

X-rays are just one method that doctors and dentists use to make sure their patients are healthy. But after years of going to your dentist, whether for your regular checkups or a cosmetic dentistry procedure, and after several x-rays, you may be wondering just how safe they are.  Are dental x-rays really necessary? While there …

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The Truth About Root Canals

Most people probably equate a root canal to an IRS audit (or something equally as painful). But do root canals really deserve this horrible reputation? And why would your dentist recommend such a torture, anyway? Here are some facts about root canals so that you can decide for yourself if they are something to dread!  …

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Oral Piercings and Your Health

Oral piercings are “the thing” nowadays. They are very popular, but if you are thinking about getting an oral piercing – one on your lip, tongue, or in another part of your mouth – there are some important things you should know about taking care of your oral health after you get your piercing, as …

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