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Laser Dentistry in Milwaukee, WI

What Is the CO2 LightScalpel Laser?

The CO2 LightScalpel Laser is a device that uses a highly focused CO2 laser beam to cleanly and precisely vaporize soft tissues and seal blood vessels at the same time. It is the best laser on the market for a combination of soft tissue uses and procedures.

This laser device results in less swelling, less pain, and better healing for the treatment of several conditions, including:

  • Implant Infections
  • Melanin Pigment Removal
  • Treatment Of Aphthous Ulcers
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How does laser surgery work?

Soft tissue lasers like the LightScalpel CO2 are used to remove lesions and fibromas inside the mouth, treat gum disease (called gingivectomy), and place implants, among other procedures. This is an alternative to traditional surgery, where a scalpel or scissors can bruise or crush tissue. We use the LightScalpel CO2’s beam of light to evaporate any infected tissues and allow the tooth and gums to naturally re-attach.

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How Long Do the Results From Laser Dentistry Last?

When our dentists remove soft tissue with our CO2 LightScalpel Laser, the tissue is vaporized. It’s permanently gone, which is good when used to treat problems like diseased gum tissue. The LightScalpel Laser has the added advantage of closing the blood vessels as it removes the diseased gum tissue. This adds a level of disinfection unachievable without the laser.

Bottom line? These are permanent treatments that deliver permanent results with Dr. Rick Winter.

Are There Other Types of Lasers for Dentistry?

Yes, there are several other types of lasers dentists use. Nd:YAG and diode lasers primarily focus on soft tissue treatments (similar to the CO2). They have different absorption characteristics in the tissue, thus varying effectiveness in cutting and coagulating blood vessels. 

The Erbium family of lasers can work on both hard (teeth and bone) and soft tissues, making it versatile for a wide range of dental procedures.

The CO2 laser is known for its excellent ability to cut through soft tissue with high precision while minimizing bleeding and promoting faster healing. 

What Conditions Can Laser Dentistry Address?

We use our CO2 LightScalpel Laser for various soft tissue treatments:

  • Periodontal disease — We use lasers for a variety of areas in the treatment of gum disease: root planing and scaling, the removal of bacteria and infected tissue from periodontal pockets, surgical reshaping of the gums to reduce the size and depth of periodontal pockets, and to enhance reattachment of the gums to the tooth root.

When cleaning periodontal pockets, the laser vaporizes infected tissue, disinfecting the area and activating tissue re-growth at the same time. The laser energy penetrates the soft tissues while instantly sealing blood vessels and nerve endings. This benefit makes for much less, if any, postoperative pain with some of these treatments. It also encourages faster healing than traditional methods.

  • Gum recontouring — We use lasers to address gummy smiles, to create a more symmetrical gum line, or to prepare the gum line when putting a crown on a tooth.
  • Implant placement — Instead of making an incision in the gum tissue with a scalpel, we use the laser to open the soft tissue to expose the jawbone beneath. This leads to less patient discomfort and faster healing after we place the implant base.
  • Biopsy and lesion removal — Lasers can remove small pieces of tissue for biopsy to diagnose conditions like oral cancer. We can also use them to remove benign oral tumors or lesions.
  • Treatment of aphthous ulcers and herpetic lesions — Lasers can provide immediate pain relief and faster healing for patients suffering from painful canker sores, cold sores, and other types of oral ulcers.
  • Crown lengthening — We can use lasers to reshape gum tissue and bone to expose more of the tooth structure in a crown lengthening procedure.
  • Depigmentation of gums — For patients with hyperpigmentation of the gums, lasers can lighten or remove the excess pigmentation, improving the aesthetic appearance of the gums.
  • Other soft tissue uses — From exposing unerupted permanent teeth in children to freeing the tongue in a frenectomy, from removing tissue from partially exposed wisdom teeth to treating canker sores and other lesions, we keep expanding our soft-tissue laser uses.

What Are the Benefits of Laser Dentistry?

At Hampton Dental Associates, we love the benefits of laser dentistry for our procedures and patient comfort. These are the advantages of using lasers for soft tissue work:

  • Sutures are often unnecessary: The laser energy instantly closes the incision and blood vessels to minimize bleeding. This means that sutures are rarely needed. Follow-up visits to remove dental sutures are also rendered unnecessary, meaning you may be able to avoid an extra appointment.
  • You might not need anesthesia: Because laser treatments are generally more comfortable than services using traditional dental tools, anesthesia isn’t required in every case. This benefit is significant for patients who are afraid of the needles used to administer local anesthetic. It is also great for anyone who is allergic to lidocaine. 
  • Decreased risk of infection: Laser dentistry significantly reduces the risk of infection as the laser energy sterilizes the treatment area by killing bacteria instantly. This ensures a cleaner surgical environment and safer procedures.
  • Less discomfort post-procedure: Patients generally experience less discomfort following a laser procedure compared to traditional methods.
  • Faster healing: Laser treatments promote faster and more efficient healing. The precise application of laser energy minimizes tissue damage and better tissue regeneration, allowing for quicker recovery.

Why Choose Hampton Dental Associates for Laser Dentistry?

With Hampton Dental Associates, you're choosing a dental practice that puts patient comfort and exceptional treatment results at the forefront. Our advanced laser dentistry technology allows us to provide efficient, minimally invasive treatments. This innovative approach reduces recovery times and increases the precision of various dental procedures, ranging from simple cosmetic enhancements to complex reconstructions. 

We see our patients as family members, ensuring personalized, high-quality dental care that is tailored to meet your individual needs. Becoming a part of our dental family means embracing a tradition of excellence coupled with a progressive outlook. Dr. Richard Winter's commitment to ongoing education highlights our expertise and dedication to providing the best possible care. 

How Many Laser Dentistry Sessions Will I Need?

Each patient’s situation is unique. In some cases of gingivitis, we may only need to use our LightScalpel Laser once for root planing and scaling. Other times, we may use it to address diseased periodontal pockets, but we may need to see you again if the bacteria rebuild. These typically are not repeat sessions.

Does Laser Dentistry Hurt?

When we tell our patients we’re going to use a laser for their treatment, they sometimes think the power of lasers must make for a painful procedure. 

The opposite is actually true. Because the laser wavelengths are absorbable by water and hemoglobin, the laser energy can instantly vaporize infected gum tissue without the need for a scalpel. And because the energy instantly coagulates the blood vessels and seals nerve endings, there is dramatically less pain, and usually, the incisions don’t require sutures.

Patients often describe the sensation of laser treatment as a gentle warmth or tingling. Unlike traditional dental drills, lasers do not produce vibrations or loud noises, which contributes to a more comfortable experience.

What Is Recovery Like After Laser Dentistry Treatments?

When we use our LightScalpel CO2 Laser for soft tissue treatments, there are no incisions that need to heal. The laser energy instantly closes the incision, which makes for a faster, simpler recovery.

Expect to feel more comfortable than you would after a traditional dental method. There should be less swelling and inflammation and very minimal bleeding, as the precise nature of laser treatments promotes faster healing and regeneration of healthy tissues.

You’ll typically be able to return to your normal routines fairly quickly. However, it's important to follow any specific care instructions from Dr. Winter. He may recommend avoiding certain types of food or strenuous activities for a short period. You may also need a follow-up appointment. 

Is Laser Dentistry Covered By My Dental Insurance?

Insurance companies cover procedures, not methods. So, if you want to address a gummy smile, the insurance company will decide whether or not to cover that procedure (possibly deeming it elective). The method used — whether scalpel or laser — is not part of their consideration. 

Generally, insurance reimbursement is a set amount based on the procedure. As with all procedures and treatments at Hampton Dental Associates, we work with your insurance provider to attain the highest amount of coverage possible.

Are Laser Procedures at Hampton Dental Associates Safe?

Absolutely. Because scalpels and cutting aren’t necessary, the laser is considered a much safer way to resolve dental problems. Some of the benefits of this type of treatment include precision cutting and vaporization, less blood loss, minimal swelling and scarring, and decreased postoperative discomfort. 

Rather than noisy drills or scalpels and stitches, the LightScalpel CO2 allows us to remove infections or decay from your mouth. Additionally, the treatment is pain-free, making it appealing to our patients with dental anxiety – sometimes, fear of traditional dental tools prevents patients from getting the help that they need.

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Is Laser Surgery Appropriate for Me?

The best way to determine if you are a good candidate for laser surgery is to speak with your doctor. Dr. Rick Winter will be able to assess your specific situation and determine if laser surgery is right for you.

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