My visit today at Hampton Dental Associates was as pleasant as all my dental appointments. We all know at times some of us fear going to the dentist. However, at…  read more

– A.N.

I enjoyed every inch of my visit. Everyone Was polite and professional, and Dr. Don put the cherry on top. This will be my permanent dentist now! – A.N.

– J.W.

Professional and caring- start to finish – J.W.

– A.R.

Hampton Dental is amazing! The dentists and dental hygienists truly care about your teeth. Their dental work is top notch and have your teeth looking nice and clean!!! – A.R.

Dr. ARIEL was a breath of fresh air. She was easy to talk to and I can tell that she was excited to continue her family’s legacy. She’s a great…  read more

Excellent Service

Excellent service and award-winning dentist in the midst of the inner city. That’s almost unheard of. My dental hygienist Raya does an exceptional job with my cleaning and makes every…  read more

All Dentist Are Not Equal. I’ve done research due to the horrible experiences I’ve had with dentist in the past. After doing research I found there are different levels of…  read more

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