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What are fixed dentures?

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The introduction of dental implants has opened remarkable possibilities in permanently replacing missing teeth. Dental implants cannot only replace a single missing tooth, it can also be used to make dentures a fixed appliance. Fixed dentures are making removable dentures a thing of the past and more and more patients in Milwaukee, WI are choosing this over the traditional full dentures. Fixed dentures is a very effective solution in replacing an entire row of teeth in the upper or lower jaw. Just like a dental bridge, a fixed denture is anchored to the jaw bone using dental implants for support.

Fixed dentures are designed to be more realistic in appearance and are built for the patient’s comfort. Unlike removable dentures, fixed dentures don’t slip and allows patients to eat whatever they want. It promotes normal speech function and eliminates the need for using denture adhesive and special denture care. The long term use of removable dentures can cause sore gums and can lead to bone loss. It can affect your sense of taste because the upper palate support of the removable dentures cover the roof of your mouth.

Why should patients consider fixed dentures?

Complete tooth loss has many disadvantages. Leaving your gums bare and not choosing to have your teeth replaced can make you look aged and mature resulting to a collapsed face because your facial muscles, cheeks, and lips no longer receives the structural support that it gets from your teeth. Toothless gums can make it very difficult for you to eat and speak and will affect your self-confidence when interacting with other people.

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Although dentures can provide the structural support and restore the natural function of the teeth, there are still some issues with removable dentures that makes fixed dentures a better choice. Removable dentures can look very unnatural and can be very uncomfortable and painful for the wearer. Removable dentures limits your taste sensation and you may suffer from bad breath. Removable dentures will restrict your choices in food, making you avoid chewy and crunchy food as this may damage your dentures. They can become a nuisance and make you feel self-conscious when you become intimate with a loved one and reduce your self-esteem. Removable dentures also require special care and puts your health at risk as denture adhesives were found to contain zinc which can result to neurological issues.

The use of the technology of dental implants improves the level of performance of fixed dentures. By using dental implants you are preserving the bone density of the jaw bone and maintaining the integrity of your facial structure. The permanent support provided by dental implants reestablishes support to the lips and other facial structures to avoid the appearance of sunken face and of lines and wrinkles. Dental implants for fixed dentures eliminates the need for dental adhesives and you can take care of your fixed dentures the same way that you take care of your natural teeth. Dental implants makes fixed dentures more comfortable and allows patients to eat whatever they want with increased taste sensation.

What should patients expect when getting fixed dentures?

Since fixed dentures will make use of dental implants, it is important that patients have sufficient bone height to support the implant. Patients with bone loss may have to undergo bone grafting techniques before proceeding with fixed dentures treatment.

The first phase of a fixed denture installation is the surgical placement of the dental implants. Dental impressions will also be taken to fabricate your fixed dentures. Dental implants will be strategically placed on the jaw bone to ensure a sturdy support for the fixed dentures. As you wait for the dental implants to heal, you will be provided temporary teeth so that you can eat normally and to maintain the normal teeth appearance. Once your dental implants are completely healed, the fabricated dentures will be attached to the dental implants.

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Patients in Milwaukee, WI who would prefer a removable version of the fixed denture can opt for a removable over-denture. Removable over-dentures are attached to the jaw bone using a bar or ball attachment. These are also anchored to a dental implant that is surgically placed towards the front of the jaw. However, it has been found that holding fixed dentures using implants provide better support, however, this can be an alternative for patients who are looking to keep the cost of their fixed denture installation to a minimum. Removable dentures are more loosely fitted compared to fixed dentures and are not as aesthetically pleasing compared to fixed dentures.

Fixed dentures require no special care and can be taken care of the same way as your natural tooth but it is important that you come in for regular checkups so that your dentist can check the condition of your fixed dentures and make any adjustments if necessary.

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