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Acid Damage

Basic Denture Procedures

Dr. Richard offers a range of affordable sensible dentures that are designed to solve any number of complex cosmetic and functional dental needs. For those patients who are near edentulous (toothless), our doctors have access to advanced prosthodontic treatments and state-of-the-art materials that can create almost any degree of cosmetic result desired.

The Ravages of Soda Pop – Soft Drinks

Meet our patient Frank. He was a Mountain Dew man…. loved soda… and drank lots of it. If anyone has wondered how severe decay can accumulate due to an unrelenting bath of corn syrup and sugar enriched sodas… our first three before photos almost speak for themselves.

Additional close up photos are provided to highlight the detail and degree of severe enamel loss, caries, periodontal disease and overall loss of teeth.

Understandably, our patient reached the point of being embarrassed about his smile and appearance. He eventually grew a beard and moustache to serve as a distraction in hope that people wouldn’t notice his teeth much.


Our second photo reflects the degree of tooth loss and condition of his remaining teeth. Since the remaining tooth structures were beyond restoration, they were removed.

Near Toothless Overbite

The patient’s preoperative condition was also complicated by a Class II overbite. The 3rd photo readily shows how severe the overbite was. Since there were no posterior or back teeth (he has bottom teeth, just no back teeth to create a vertical stop eating normal foods was indeed difficult.


Treatment Choices

The goals of our patient were to re-establish good oral health, be able to eat normal foods, successfully treat the Class II overbite and to have a great looking smile with teeth that felt as good as they looked.

He was also concerned about being toothless during treatment … something that didn’t appeal to him.


Dr. Richard outlined a variety of treatment plans, procedures and choice of materials to the patient. Frank made the practical choice of having custom dentures made.

Avoiding the Toothless Smile

To avoid the problem of being without teeth, our doctors removed the posterior teeth, allowed a 3-6 week healing period and then began impressions for an immediate upper and lower denture.

We were able to try in the posterior teeth, check the bite, the vertical dimension (distance between nose and chin) and verify critical measurements.


After careful evaluation we extracted his remaining teeth and delivered his dentures on the same day. After a 4-6 month healing period, Deluxe Turbyfill Dentures were made. The patient’s initial set became his spares.

Turbyfill Training Denture

Frank’s treatment involved the use of a training denture that helped Dr. Richard with the technical details necessary for creating a final denture that would address the bite and occlusal problems (overbite). The training denture also helped the patient select what particular features he wanted so the cosmetic appearance would be just right as well as his speech.

A True Makeover Experience

The final 2 photos clearly show how custom dentistry can have a dramatic impact on the way one looks and feels. In the close up photo it is difficult to determine that the patient is wearing dentures.

Dr. Richard’s flair for advanced prosthodontics created a smile with teeth that appear as natural as real teeth. (Learn more about Makeover Dentures)

The impact on the patient became quite profound. His overall appearance and hygiene improved.. along with his good looks, too. Eventually the makeover result had a positive influence on his employment.


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