Advanced Dental Implant Procedures

Best Choice Tooth Replacement Procedure

Dental Implants are becoming well known as the procedure of choice for replacing teeth.

Implant technology plays an important role in the rehabilitative and reconstructive procedures used by both of our doctors for treating a variety of complex dental problems.


These oral surgery procedures are commonly used for replacement of individual teeth, multiple teeth and creating anchoring devices for dentures, partials and bridges.

While the cosmetic applications of dental implants can be matched to some extent by other types of cosmetic dentistry procedures, there is no procedure that can match the functional characteristics of individual implants.

Osseointegration of the implant device (jawbone material fully incorporates the implant) re-establishes dental function that is only matched by Mother Nature. In complex treatment plans they are often implemented to create dental function that patients have never had. Bone tissue grafts are provided as needed to optimize treatment.

Advanced Dental Implant Procedures

Dr. Richard, through his intensive post graduate study of dental implant technologies has acquired the technical skills and creative talent for developing implant systems that lead to successful cosmetic and functional outcomes for some of the most severe dental rehabilitation needs imaginable.

Implants – Orthodontic Reconstructive Makeover

The adjacent before photos reflect a common congenital defect in normal dentition, sometimes referred to as missing incisors. Our young patient was extremely self conscious about her smile and wanted a whole new look that would give her a full balanced smile and appear 100% natural.

In addition to having great looking teeth, our patient was also concerned about several occlusal issues that were affecting her current bite and jaw relationships.

She wanted to make sure that the treatments and products used would not only provide a more normalized bite… but provide the dental function she wanted on a permanent basis.

Our doctors determined that certain orthodontic treatments would be needed to first establish proper bite and occlusal properties. The patient was fitted with traditional braces, as seen in this mid-treatment photo.

Bone Grafts

Hard tissue grafts were provided to strengthen jawbone structure as needed. Once the teeth were repositioned into proper alignment, our patient requested premium porcelain crowns and two (2) implants to replace the missing teeth.

A total of eight (8) custom porcelain veneers were applied to the remaining teeth that were precision matched to the color shading, luminescence and opalescence of the crowns.

The close-up after photo shows the results of the implants, crowns and veneer reconstruction. Although other treatment solutions were available (e.g. traditional or all porcelain bridge) our patient favored the idea that implants would provide bone stimulation properties of real roots, thereby assuring healthy bone growth.

The longevity of dental implants surpass even the best bridgework – which typically need replacement every 7-10 years.

Bone grafting procedures were used to create the required bone structure for the dental implants.


The subsequent creative use of premium color matched porcelain veneers, as seen in our final post treatment after photos, put the finishing touches on this reconstructive dental implant tooth replacement treatment.

Our patient succeeded in getting what Mother Nature never provided. She has an extremely attractive smile and now has a degree of dental function that allows her to chew and eat normally… something she was never able to do before treatment.


Notice how, in the last photo, the patient’s smile is more natural…compared to the first photo!

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