Get Your Beautiful Smile Back with a Smile Makeover

shutterstock-108992156-300x172Everyone deserves to have a beautiful smile. If you think that your smile needs a makeover, our Milwaukee cosmetic dentistry practice can definitely help you. We can bring back the beauty of your smile with the help of the best cosmetic dental procedures.

The Solution to Your Dental Problems

A smile makeover can provide a lot of benefits to the individual who is burdened with several dental problems.

  • Teeth that are stained and discolored. Over the years, the enamel covering the teeth can get yellow or stained due to certain substances. Teeth whitening procedures can bring back your bright smile.
  • Teeth with cavities or cracks. Cavities can leave holes in the teeth that do not only look unpleasant, but can also be a place for food debris and bacteria to accumulate. These dental flaws require tooth-colored fillings. Although composites can be made from different materials, those made of porcelain are more popular since they mimic the natural shade of teeth.
  • Uneven or crooked teeth. Having uneven teeth, with some slightly longer than others, can be distracting and unpleasant to look at. With a smile makeover, particularly a recontouring procedure, teeth are reshaped to match the shape of neighboring teeth.
  • Gaps in between teeth. A smile is somehow never complete with teeth gaps around. These gaps can be closed by placing a composite material to bridge the gap. In the case of larger gaps and other teeth surface flaws, veneers can be used.

Smile Makeover in Milwaukee

Every smile makeover is unique. We personalize every plan based on your dental condition. For more information on smile makeovers and how you can have a dazzling smile in no time, call us today at 414-464-9021 to schedule a consultation with our team of dental experts.

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