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Let Hampton Dental Associates Help You to Have the Best Year Ever!

handsome young man in eyeglasses looking at camera and smilingOK, so it’s already February – but that doesn’t mean it is too late to make plans and set goals for the new year. Staying in the best of health is always a great goal to have, and that includes, of course, dental health. If your plans for the new year include finally having that dentistry procedure you’ve been putting off, here is how Hampton Dental can help!

Dental implants

Even missing one tooth can lead to many problems. Your other teeth will start to move, which can make it difficult to keep all of your teeth clean and eventually can cause problems with your bite. Dental implants to replace missing teeth look and function just like your natural teeth and can prevent pain and problems in the future.


Crooked teeth can make it hard to keep teeth clean and can cause pain and problems as your bottom and top teeth become misaligned. They can also make you self-conscious and afraid to smile. Invisalign or braces can fix crooked teeth so that you can have a healthy smile that you want to show off!

Tooth whitening

Your teeth can be in great shape but still have dingy yellow stains. Professional tooth whitening is a quick way to see a dramatic improvement in the appearance of your teeth.


If your tooth is damaged but salvageable, a crown (a “cap” for the tooth) can be placed over the tooth to protect it from further damage. Crowns can be made to match your other teeth so no one will ever know you even have one.


Veneers are durable, long lasting, and look just like your other teeth. They are thin shells that fit right over teeth to hide teeth that are misshapen or chipped. They can also cover the stains on teeth that are so bad whitening won’t fix them.

If you have more than one issue you would like to deal with, reconstructive dentistry from Hampton Dental Associates may be the answer for you, with a combination of cosmetic and reconstructive procedures that can be tailored to your needs. Call the office in Milwaukee at (414) 464-9021 for an appointment today!

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