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Let’s Talk New Year’s Smile Resolutions

497317250-300x200All Posts It’s that time of year! The time when all the decorations are coming down; when you may still be reeling from the holiday hoopla and basking in the warmth of love shared by family and friends. It’s also the time to look forward. Resolutions are probably the most recognized aspect of New Year’s, except for those end-of-the-year parties happening all over the globe. When you think about moving forward into 2017, consider how a healthy and attractive smile can benefit your life.

Preventive Dental Care

If your smile is already in tip-top shape, the next year may start off with a routine check up and cleaning. These short, convenient visits focus on removing any plaque or tartar that may have accumulated since your last visit. We observe your gums and teeth in a way that alerts us to areas you may inadvertently miss during your morning and evening hygiene routine. Working together, we hope to help you avoid the pitfalls of poor oral health.

Restorative Dental Care

Restorations are necessary when a tooth or teeth become damaged by oral bacteria or injury. We take a great deal of pride in the care that we offer to Milwaukee area patients. Your dentists at Hampton Dental Associates knows the value of consistent care, gentle technique, and cohesive materials. It takes time and effort to repair a tooth in a manner that results in longevity, and that is our priority. From bonding to crowns and bridges to implant dentistry, we offer care that puts the confidence back into your smile.

Cosmetic Dental Care

When your smile looks good, you feel good. It’s a simple concept, really, but one that may be easily overlooked. Studies show that correcting something as simple as discoloration can reinstate a more youthful appearance. The greater the concern, the more impact cosmetic dentistry has on quality of life. We love seeing the positive effects that treatments like porcelain veneers or Invisalign has on a patient’s confidence level! If you want to bring out the best in your facial aesthetic, start with your smile. We’re here to help you.

The team at Hampton Dental Associates wishes you a Happy New Year. Contact us at 414-377-5711 to schedule a checkup and cleaning or cosmetic consultation.


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