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Dental Crowns – The 411

hugging-couple-Small-300x200-300x200Please explain…here are ten things you may not know about dental crowns:

  1. Dental crowns are completely natural-looking.
  2. Dental crowns are strong. A damaged tooth or a tooth that is off-color, oddly shaped or out of alignment can be entirely “capped” and strengthened with a crown.
  3. Dental crowns are permanent. They are cemented onto your existing teeth and can only be removed by your dentist.
  4. If your “bite” (the occlusion or alignment of your teeth) is off because of a missing tooth, a dental crown is the solution.
  5. Dental crowns sit on top of dental implants.
  6. Dental crowns are used to attach dental bridges.
  7. Most dental crowns are made of porcelain or a ceramic material that is matched to the color of your natural teeth. They may also be made of gold and metal alloys which are stronger than porcelain and may be recommended for the back teeth or molars.
  8. Before a dental crown can be made, your existing tooth must be reduced in size so that the crown will fit properly. An impression of your mouth will be taken to provide an exact mold for the crown. If porcelain is used, your dentist will determine the correct shade to match the color of your existing teeth.
  9. Your dental crown will be made by a dental lab and a “temporary” crown will be placed while your permanent crown is being made.
  10. The most important thing you can do to ensure that your dental crown lasts a long time is to practice excellent oral hygiene.
    • Visit your dentist regularly for checkups and professional cleanings.
    • Keep your gums and teeth healthy by brushing and flossing daily.
    • Avoid biting or chewing on hard foods.

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