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Dental Hygiene for Implants

Dental Implants Milwaukee, WI Tooth replacement is an area of dentistry that has improved significantly through one little invention: the dental implant. This tiny post made from titanium has paved the way for millions of people to regain the fullness of oral function. You probably know that, before dental implants, tooth replacement was just that: a treatment that replaced teeth. Where this falls short is in the ability of replacement teeth to function as good as natural teeth. For example, dentures that sit on the gums are not nearly as stable as teeth that are secured to the jawbone.

We are proud to offer improved patient outcomes through the use of dental implants. In addition to performing the procedure in which the appropriate number of titanium posts are introduced to the oral structure, we also support long-term results from dental implant treatment with routine dental care and tips for hygiene that inhibit the development of dental disease.

Why Hygiene Matters

You may be thinking, “wait! Titanium is corrosion-resistant and artificial teeth can’t get cavities!” This is true. However, there is still a threat to dental implants that need to be managed. After dental implant treatment, oral hygiene revolves around preventing plaque from affecting the strength and overall health of the gums. Here are some tips for tools that can help you do that:

  • We trust that you already have a toothbrush and use it daily. One way to improve the efficiency of oral care is to use an electric toothbrush or sonic toothbrush with soft bristles. Because these brushing instruments vibrate, they may be more effective at interrupting the plaque-building process.
  • Flossing can feel like a chore, and it may even be physically difficult. There are flossing tools that can make this easier. A flossing tool holds the string, so you don’t have to. The head of this tool is also small, so you can more easily reach the back of your mouth.
  • Tongue-scraper. Research suggests that the back of the tongue is a haven for bacteria and debris. The biofilm that adheres to the back of the tongue can be gently removed with a tongue-scraper, significantly lowering the risk of inflammation in gum tissue at the back of the mouth.
  • Water flosser. Experts do not recommend that a water flosser take the place of regular flossing. However, the addition of oral irrigation has been shown to increase protection against bacteria that cause inflammation and infection in the gums.

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