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A Look at Implant Overdentures

shutterstock_216284701Everyone knows about dentures. We've been seeing them in movies and associated them with the really old for a long time. But what if you need dentures? Even if you don't feel old enough yet, it is always a possibility. You might want to look into implant overdentures.

An overdenture fits over your gumline and is held in by your natural teeth roots or dental implants. In the case that you don't have any (or very few) remaining teeth, it will most likely be implants. This gives overdentures the needed strength to remain intact and function properly.

How Do They Work?

Essentially, a root post is secured in your root. Without the overdenture, it might look like you have small implant posts as teeth. Then the overdenture is placed. Since it is attached with more than just unreliable suction, your dentures are more secure.

Unfortunately, if you want this treatment on your upper teeth, the treatment gets more complicated and requires more work and more implants. However, usually a traditional denture is stable enough on the upper jaw and doesn't require an implant overdenture. Talk to your dentist about possible options and how to best apply implant overdentures to your personal oral situation.

What Are Their Benefits?

While secure and strong teeth are important, there is more to implant overdentures. It is actually the healthier choice. While suction-based dentures add to atrophy in your mouth (both to your arches and bones), implant overdentures can help save your roots and your overall oral health. More specifically, here are some of the benefits of this type of denture:

  • Better digestion thanks to more effective chewing.
  • Slowed bone loss, thanks to preserving your roots and fighting against resorption and deterioration.
  • Retained and maintained shape and structure of your mouth.
  • Extra comfort.
  • More clear speech.
  • No more embarrassment from loose dentures or messy adhesive creams.

If you have any questions as to how a implant overdenture works or how it can apply to you, don't hesitate to ask us! Come on in and talk to Dr. Richard Winter about your options today.


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