Why Did My Implant Fail?

Dental implants are one of the most popular options available for the replacement of missing teeth. They are sturdy and look and function just like your natural teeth. Most patients will ever forget that they are fitted with implants. In fact, you care for them just as you do your natural teeth.

shutterstock_149625803-300x200 It is extremely rare, but on occasion your dental implant may fail. It is important to understand this risk prior to planning your tooth replacement procedure.

Implant Dentistry, as a treatment, is one of the most technical options on the market. It take an experienced dentist to get dental implant placement just right. Precise selection of an appropriate implant device for a particular tooth replacement or anchoring device is as critical as the assessment and preparation of the underlying bone structures. Attention to detail is a must to assure the long-term success that implants are known for. Luckily Dr. Winter has over 20 years of dental practice and the expertise needed to provide you a beautiful smile even with dental implants.

Some patients experience loose implants, movement to their implant and strong tastes from their dental implants. Discuss these conditions with Dr. Winter during your consultation. He will provide a thorough examination and advise your regarding your risk for implant failure as well as provide information regarding similar treatment options.

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