Are dental x-rays safe?

Dentist talks to her patient about three-dimensional smile designX-rays are just one method that doctors and dentists use to make sure their patients are healthy. But after years of going to your dentist, whether for your regular checkups or a cosmetic dentistry procedure, and after several x-rays, you may be wondering just how safe they are. 

Are dental x-rays really necessary?

While there is certainly newer technology available to help find medical and dental problems within the body, the x-ray remains an important tool. Dental x-rays help your dentist to catch any issues that can’t be seen with a visual examination, such as bone loss that can indicate gum disease, decay between teeth or underneath a filling, an abscess (an infection of the tooth root), and even more serious problems such as tumors. X-rays are also a very necessary step in creating a treatment plan if you need dentures, braces, or other work. 

Are dental x-rays safe?

Dental x-rays have a very low dose of radiation – less, in fact, than the radiation you are exposed to by going out into the sunshine. They are extremely safe, even for young people. This is good, because children need x-rays to make sure that their teeth and jaws are developing as they should and to make sure that incoming teeth are growing correctly and that there will be enough room for them. 

Dental x-rays are so safe that even pregnant women can get them done, although you should tell your dentist that you are pregnant as soon as you arrive for your visit. However, despite general agreement that x-rays are safe for pregnant women, many women feel safer skipping the x-ray until after they have the baby; this is something that you and your dentist can discuss. Routine x-rays may be postponed, but if you have a dental emergency they may have to be done. 

X-rays at your dentist’s office are very safe, and they are also a very important part of keeping teeth and gums healthy and catching issues before they become serious problems. The staff at Hampton Dental Associates in Milwaukee cares about your teeth and your safety. Make an appointment today, by calling (414) 464-9021!

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