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Technological Advances Enhance Dental Care

240_F_59546694_xvDUJuomfZWaG9cBcPHKJpTu9WS6ocHbAt Hampton Dental Associates, we are committed to offering the finest dentistry possible. Patients of our Milwaukee practice see our passion for service in the way that our staff attends to their needs, in our comfortable office design, and also in the technologies that we have selected for our office. Aspects of dentistry like x-rays and other methods of imaging are not often discussed. We think there is the good reason to do so because a lot has changed since our grandfather and father treated the patients of Wisconsin!

Digital x-rays

X-rays have not been a one-size-fits-all kind of technology for some time now. However, most people have a singular perception, and it isn’t a great one. One of the primary aspects of x-rays that are known is that this diagnostic test emits radiation (gasp!). This isn’t the case with digital x-ray devices like the one we have in our office.

Digital x-rays emit just 20% of the radiation of traditional films. The process is also streamlined, so there is less awkward biting down on hard objects that poke the inside of the mouth. Patients appreciate the improved comfort and far less intrusive method of capturing necessary information. Another benefit of digital x-rays is the quality of the images transferred from our device to the computer monitor in the treatment room. This technology enables us to zoom in on certain teeth and certain points of interest for further inspection.


One of the goals of dentistry is to identify problems as quickly as possible. In so doing, we can address tooth damage before it causes sensitivity and pain. We are pleased to incorporate the CariVu device into our examination process. This compact “cavity-finder” uses the technology of trans-illumination, which makes lesions on a tooth appear dark under fluorescence. More than observing tooth decay, the CariVu is also efficient at identifying fractures or cracks in fillings.


We take every opportunity to view teeth through multiple “lenses.” Our DexCam intra oral camera facilitates this. Also, a compact, handheld device, the intra-oral camera fits into the mouth comfortably. The hand-piece is moved over the different tooth surfaces to capture high-quality images or video footage of enamel and existing restorations.

We are serious about our role as a vital healthcare provider to our patients. To experience the benefits of personal dental care from top-notch dentists, call our Milwaukee office at 414-377-5711.

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