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  • Posted on: Mar 30 2015
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Tooth decay is unfortunately, a very common dental condition. In fact, fillings are the most popular restorative dentistry procedures performed in our office every year.  Patients of all ages and experiences are subject to tooth decay.  The good news is that metal amalgam fillings are a thing of the past.

More-stock-images-034-300x200Years ago the only option for repairing tooth decay was to fill your tooth with a silver-looking metal composite.  This substance was not only extremely obvious but also did a disservice to many patients. Because metal fillings could not adjust themselves to changes in temperatures and other conditions, they would move and eventually break within teeth over a number of months or years. This could cause fillings to fall out, or even worse, for teeth to crack.  Additionally, metal fillings can also cause healthy teeth to gray and look “dead.”

Composite fillings are quick and simple procedures. Your mouth will be completely numbed during the process and you should be out of our office within an hour.  During the procedure your tooth will be drilled to eliminate decayed matter, and then filled with a new composite resin that matches the color of your tooth.  Composite fillings are more flexible than metal fillings, meaning that they will not cause your teeth to crack. Composite fillings will also not cause discoloration of your tooth in any way.

If you are in need of a filling contact our office to schedule your appointment today. Failing to do so could lead to more costly and painful repairs at a later time.

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