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Six Smile Enhancers Just In Time For Spring

The well-known basics of good dental care – brush and floss twice a day – are essential to your dental health. But, it’s spring…so, why not add these six tips to your dental-to-do-list and spring into summer with a white, happy, bright and sunny smile:

  1. woman-609254_640-300x200-300x200Scrape your tongue. Really. If you haven’t tried using a tongue scraper, you should. A tongue scraper is the best way to rid your tongue of bacteria and plaque that accumulate on it during the night because it’s designed to reach to the very back of your tongue. If scraping is not your thing, brush your tongue vigorously every time you brush your teeth. Bonus: Your breath will be fresher and cleaner.
  2. Rinse with a non-alcohol based mouthwash. Bad-breath-causing bacteria love alcohol. Additionally, if you tend to have dry mouth syndrome, the alcohol in your mouth wash could be making it worse.
  3. Switch up your brush. Did the flu find you this winter? If so, ditch your current toothbrush. Bacteria live on it, whether it’s electric or a standard model. It’s a good idea to change your brush head or get a new brush every three months.
  4. Try oil pulling. A popular treatment for cleaner breath and whiter teeth is the Ayurvedic practice of oil pulling. To do it, place about a tablespoon of coconut oil in your mouth first thing in the morning. Let it melt, swish it and pull it through your teeth for ten to twenty minutes. Spit it into your garbage can and brush your teeth. Devotees swear by it for whiter teeth and fresher breath.
  5. Munch on crunchy foods. Eating crunchy, firm, crisp foods like carrots, apples and celery helps clean your teeth while you chew them. If you can’t brush right after eating, try ending your meal with a scrubbing, cleaning vegetable or fruit.
  6. Rush to brush. Red wine, coffee, black tea and cola stain your teeth. Dark-colored foods, such as berries, will also stain. So, if possible, brush immediately after eating or drinking foods that are known stainers.

When was the last time you had a thorough dental cleaning? If it’s been too long, call to set up an appointment, today: 414-377-5711.

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