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Of all the problems we face at Hampton Dental the worst and most emotional is when patients show up with multiple decayed, missing and unsalvageable teeth and they are told they have to have dentures! The first thing we can ask is how much Mountain Dew do you drink per day? While I don’t want to single out one soda I can tell you that in my experience this is the worst culprit. With 10-12 teaspoons of sugar per can it is understandable why people that have a soda habit often also have severe decay. Sugar plus time plus bacteria equals cavities. We all have bacteria in our mouths so what we can change is the amount of sugar we expose our teeth to and the amount of time that sugar is left in our mouths! So the best thing to do is remove soda- both sugar and diet (it’s carbonation bubbles away enamel)- from our diets and drink water. Gatoratde, sports drinks and juice are also filled with sugar and should be avoided. Some people think clear soda like 7-UP and Sprite are o.k. because they are clear! That is wrong! It is just as bad for you as darker sodas. We recommend coconut water for athletes instead of sugary sports drinks! It’s natural and will replenish electrolytes. Apple juice is “soda” with a lot of sugar it is not a healthy drink though it certainly tastes good and can be enjoyed in moderation. Please drink responsibly! Yours for better dental health. Dr.Rick

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