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Seeing several patients this week with various dental problems it occurred to me that the reasons people say “yes” to dentistry are because it was explained well, they saw the need for the treatment and money was not a barrier. The concept of Upgradeable Dentistry which Dr. Rick lectures on is a concept that allows people the dignity to choose their dental care according to their personal, financial and personal readiness. So if a dentist give you one choice and doesn’t give you options that allow you to sequentially improve your oral health according to your budget then get a second opinion. Nobody “wins” if a patient leaves the dentist being embarrassed that they can not afford the recommended treatment. Read Dr. Richard’s article on Upgradeable Dentistry at and call us for your comprehensive examination visit at 414-464-9021. You can rest assured we will provide education, choices and the dignity to decide what’s right for you.

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