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Root Canal Milwaukee Do you ever wonder if you’re doing all that you can for your smile? This quiz may shed some light on a few things you didn’t know. We hope that, at the end of this brief True or False session, you pat yourself on the back for all that you know and do.


1. Root canal treatment is uncomfortable.

This is not true; at least not today. Many years ago, dental techniques were not as sophisticated, nor anesthetic quite as effective. At that time, stories about rather having a tax audit than a root canal started circulating. Not only do our dentists use adequate local anesthetic when performing root canals, but we also offer sedation to further ease the entire experience. If pain could be associated with root canal therapy, it would only be a toothache that leads you to call the dentist for urgent care.

2. There is more than one way to handle stained teeth.

True. We don’t mean the option of whitening your teeth at home using some DIY method or commercial product. We mean personalized, effective treatment conducted by your dentist. To remove stains, we perform a bleaching procedure with the precise concentration of peroxide needed to get results without damaging enamel. Another way that discoloration may be handled is with porcelain veneers. This method may be more appropriate for gray stains caused by tetracycline or the white spots of fluorosis.

3. Dental implants are only for people with sufficient bone tissue.

This is not true. It once was, but not anymore. In our Milwaukee family dental practice, patients benefit from a comprehensive examination and consultation regarding standard implants versus mini implants. In some cases, a bone may need to be built up in a grafting process, but mini implants are often a fine solution.

4. Soda may not be the worst beverage for your teeth.

True. We often hear patients say that they avoid soda because they want to minimize their risk of cavities, but then we notice that they have eroded enamel. Erosion has become a more common problem in recent years, as adults and children have taken to drinking soda-alternatives such as sugar-free carbonated beverages or sports drinks. The problem with these choices is the high acidity of ingredients. Left on teeth for any length of time, these ingredients quickly degrade enamel.

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