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Why are dental checkups important?

doctor hands and cheerful african guy in dentist chairIt may be tempting to skip that dental cleaning and checkup – you already have plenty to do, you don’t seem to be having any problems, and your teeth seem clean enough, right? However, there are many good reasons why you shouldn’t skip that dental cleaning and exam!

What happens during a dental exam?

It takes about 6 months for plaque to start building up on teeth – and once it starts building up, it can lead to damage to teeth and eventually gum disease. That’s why a good, thorough cleaning every 6 months is important to remove any plaque. If it isn’t removed in time, plaque calcifies into something called “calculus,” also known as “tartar.” Calculus can’t be removed at home – it takes professional dental tools and professional know-how to get rid of it.

But cleaning teeth is just one part of your dental checkup. It may be time for you to get some dental x-rays, which your dentist will use to make sure that you don’t have tooth decay or other problems underneath the gum line and will also be used to make sure you don’t have even more serious problems, such as cysts, tumors, or bone loss. Your dentist will also check your gums to make sure they are healthy and show no signs of gum disease. He or she will check your neck, gums, throat, and tongue for any signs of cancer. And, any dental prosthetics you may have, such as veneers, bridges, or cavity fillings, will be checked to make sure they are in good condition.

A dental exam is also a great opportunity to discuss with your dentist any concerns you might have or to ask questions about procedures such as full mouth reconstruction.

Your dental checkup is a quick, easy way to ensure that your teeth and gums are healthy and problem-free. Problems with your oral health won’t get better on their own, and in time they can cause other, more serious issues. If it is time for a good cleaning, or if you are noticing pain or problems, Hampton Dental Associates in Milwaukee can help. Call (414) 464-9021 for an appointment today!

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