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Reconstructive Dentistry Allows Patients to Rejuvenate Their Smile

Dr. Richard Winter of the Milwaukee, WI area is a dentist who is committed to helping patients achieve beautiful, healthy smiles. When a variety of issues are impacting one’s oral health, it is important for these patients to ask questions about solutions such as reconstructive dentistry.

What is reconstructive dentistry?

Reconstructive dentistry is a field of dental work that focuses on the restoration of a smile when several concerns are present. It is typically considered by patients who are struggling with tooth loss. Tooth loss can occur for many different reasons, but in most cases, they can impact the health, appearance, and function of the smile. There are several different methods available for restoration of the smile when teeth are missing, including:

• Full dentures

• Partial dentures

• Dental bridges

• Dental implants

Once teeth have been replaced, then other concerns can be addressed. This may include restorations such as porcelain veneers to cover broken or gapped teeth, or professional teeth whitening to address teeth that are discolored and yellowed. Patients may also ask about other solutions such as composite resin bonding, which can be molded to the teeth and shaped, hardened, and polished to look like natural tooth enamel. These solutions can be combined to greatly change the appearance of the smile.

What treatments may be used in reconstructive dentistry?

Below is a small portion of the services that can be used for reconstructing the smile:

• Professional teeth whitening

• Porcelain veneers

• Composite resin bonding

• Dentures

• Bridges

• Dental crowns

• Dental implants

• Inlays and onlays

At Hampton Dental Associates, SC, we work directly with patients to help them redesign their smile. We can provide recommendations based on the patient’s specific needs. Our team helps patients navigate the various procedures that are used for smile reconstruction and can guide them through the options that are best suited for the results they are hoping to achieve.

Interested in reconstructing YOUR smile?

Now is the time to take charge of your smile by calling Dr. Richard Winter of Hampton Dental Associates, SC. The practice is located in Milwaukee, WI at 5323 West Hampton Avenue and can be reached by phone at 414-377-5711.

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