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Reconstructive dentistry allows patients to restore their smile

reconstructive dentistry, Milwaukee, WIDr. Richard Winter of Hampton Dental Associates, SC is a professional dentist in the area of Milwaukee, WI who is pleased to offer patients a wide selection of treatments for the smile. This includes reconstructive procedures such as the treatment of bone loss, root canal therapy, and periodontal disease. Reconstructive treatments are performed to maintain the health of the smile after a problem has occurred and can be done right in our office under the care and attention of Dr. Richard Winter.

Reconstructive procedures:

• Bone grafting – bone loss from lost teeth or periodontal disease can have an effect on the rest of the smile. When this occurs, patients are urged to consider the benefits of bone grafting. This procedure can be done to restore the smile, or even to prepare the smile for the placement of restorations such as dental implants.

• Root canal therapy – when the dental pulp of a tooth has been affected by an infection or a large cavity, it can result in great pain. Toothaches such as these can only benefit from a procedure such as root canal therapy, or “endodontic therapy.” The procedure requires the dentist to remove the dental pulp from inside of the tooth and seal it to avoid the chance of bacteria entering into the tooth to cause an infection. The process of removing the dental pulp can cause a tooth to become weak and brittle, so most patients will have a dental crown placed as well.

• Periodontal disease – the treatment of periodontal disease is critical in ensuring the smile is healthy. It also greatly reduces the risk of bone, soft tissue, or tooth loss. When patients get a proper diagnosis, they should seek treatment as soon as possible to reverse the condition and bring the smile back to health, free from infection. Treatment may include thorough cleaning of the teeth and gums, scaling and root planning, or the application or administration of antibiotics to control the infection. Sometimes, all these treatments are combined for a more aggressive approach to treatment.

Take charge of your smile with reconstructive dentistry!

Call the team of Hampton Dental Associates, SC today to learn about the benefits of restorative procedures that can keep your smile healthy and beautiful! Dr. Richard Winter and his staff are here for patients in and around the area of Milwaukee, WI and can be reached by calling 414-377-5711.

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