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Dead Teeth Treatment in Milwaukee, WI

Retreating Failed Composite Bonding

Our patient had a history of treating a problematic anterior tooth that had died. The underlying tooth root had darkened which was being reflected through to the anterior surface.

Composite bonding was tried but had failed to successfully correct the severe discoloration.

Porcelain Versus Composite Resin Technologies

Three popular treatments for creating or recreating great cosmetic results for anterior (front teeth) are composite resin bonding, porcelain laminates (veneers) and handcrafted porcelain crowns.

With the rapid advancements in modern dentistry and technology, Dr. Winter can offer our patients an extensive choice of porcelain products that provide superb cosmetic effects that can reshape and alter the coloration of nearly any tooth structure and/or adjacent teeth.

The bonding of cosmetic resins is a popular treatment where significant discoloration is not an issue. In our patient’s case, the composite resin materials were inadequate for correcting the color to a degree that it would match her remaining teeth.

deadtoothff1 (1)

Porcelain veneers are also an effective treatment that are popularly used in makeover dentistry and are used extensively by our patients. Porcelain veneer laminating products are available through several manufacturers and have differing qualities that can treat or create a variety of cosmetic outcomes.

Veneers, nonetheless, depend in part, on the cosmetic qualities of the underlying tooth structure for establishing the final colorations and shading characteristics in each tooth (fluorescence, opalescence, etc).

In our patient’ case, the discoloration was significant. Our patient had already tried composite bonding and now wanted a treatment that would be definitive and also provide additional benefits of balancing the appearance of her overall smile.

The treatment of choice for our patient was the use of porcelain crown materials that would assure the treatment success desired by our patient.

A root canal and deep interior bleaching was performed to lighten the intrinsic discoloration as much as possible. Laboratory prepared Cerec Porcelain crowns were fabricated to our patient’s specifications that would improve her smile line and harmonize well with her existing teeth.

To further enhance the final cosmetic outcome, Dr. Richard reshaped and contoured her gingival tissues (gum line) across her upper arch that would establish a perfect balance, natural appearance and feel.

deadtoothcl2 (1)
deadtoothcl1 (1)

Education: Treatment Choices – Informed Decisions

Our post treatment after photo shows the degree of cosmetic effect that our patient was seeking and was successfully obtained. Discussions of available technologies and products enabled our patient to make an informed decision that would deliver precisely what she wanted.

Dr. Richard’s attention to detail, which led to the recommendation of gingival tissue recontouring put the finishing touch on our patient’s professional model smile. All of the upper arch elements are in perfect balance…. an improvement upon Mother Nature herself…

The patient’s decision to use crown technology assured the additional benefit of having restoration products and treatments that would provide optimal strength, normal dental function and the security of long term endurance.

Our patient reports the feeling of looking and feeling gorgeous. She has regained the confidence she once had.

deadtoothff2 (1)

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