Denture Replacement

Discolored – Worn Teeth

Mature Smile Makeover


Our patient had a poor fitting denture that was showing significant signs of wear. Significant stains were also a problem.

At the time she presented in our office, she was extremely self conscious about the condition of her teeth and the appearance of her smile.

Treatment without the Appearance of Being Treated

She had two goals. The first…. to obtain the correct denture and fit so her bite and occlusion would function correctly. Secondly, she had a strong desire to have the best smile possible. Something where she could smile broadly and show off pretty teeth.

Our patient had one unusual requirement however. She wanted everything to be about as perfect as everything could be…. yet… give the appearance that all that was really done was just basic teeth whitening.

Her concerns were worded in an unusual way that essentially meant to our doctors that she wanted everything recreated so she would have teeth that functioned normally again, fit her smile again and have cosmetic qualities that she could show off without being embarrassed anymore but without a hint of her teeth ever being reconstructed.

As can be seen in the close after photo, the new dentures have a radiant quality that practically defies detection. Notice how the lips are properly supported during a full smile. Dr. Winter paid close attention to certain bite and vertical dimension characteristics of the patient and created the needed denture structure for creating the cosmetic result the patient was seeking.

The outcome was quite dramatic for the patient. She reported that smiling felt quite natural again and seemed to “fit” her. The extra cosmetic detail used in the fabrication of her new dentures gave the appearance of natural teeth.

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