Diastema Repair

Large Diastema

Our patient had an extremely large diastema that was treated many years ago… with what was considered to be current technology at that time.

Cosmetic Awareness

The science of dentistry has advanced considerably over the years and with the recent coverage of the extreme makeover experience in cosmetic plastic surgery and dental makeovers, consumers are becoming more aware of cosmetic procedures.


The adjacent full face and close pictures show oversized restorations of the anterior (front) teeth. Some of the tooth structures actually stuck out, in relationship to other teeth. Understandably, our patient became increasingly uncomfortable with the feel and the way he looked. He also complained about dental floss being shredded whenever he flossed his front teeth.

Dr. Richard consulted with the patient and outlined a variety of treatment plans that would offer choices in cosmetic appearance and dental function. Our patient was concerned about having teeth that looked and felt natural. He was also concerned about having treatment that would last a long time.


New Cosmetic Possibilities

Although dental bonding with newer materials was a treatment option, our patient decided to treat the affected teeth with brand new porcelain… and selected premium AGC Gold Crowns with fused porcelain.


The existing bonding materials were removed, to expose the original tooth structures. As can be seen in this photo… the patient had an extremely large gap (diastema) between his front teeth. Notice too that the midline between his teeth and upper lip didn’t match up well.

Assuring Accurate Treatment

Dr. Richard used Master Diagnostic Models that enabled the patient and Dr. Richard to work together for selecting the correct materials and fabrication process. This extra step minimizes the possibility of developing components that don’t look or feel natural.


The last of our closeup pictures shows off our patient’s new teeth. The new restorations are quite natural in appearance and harmonize well with his remaining teeth. Gingival tissues (gums) were treated as needed to maintain a natural harmony.

Smile Line Aesthetics

Dr. Winter also maintained a watchful eye on the smile line arc (lower edge of upper teeth curves up to match lip position during a smile). This extra attention to detail produces a great looking smile that surpasses, in this case, what Mother Nature provided.

The patient reported, during follow up visits, that he smiles a lot more, feels 10 years younger… and no longer shreds his dental floss.

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