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Executive Reconstructive Dentistry

Everyone, at one time or another, has had the difficult experience of scheduling and/or appearing for an appointment on time because of work schedules, school schedules, transportation or family size.

No TimeThere is one patient population group, especially, that has more difficulty in seeing a dentist than any other group. Delaying scheduled appointments or missing them altogether (as these patients are well aware of) are almost a matter of routine that commonly creates or amplifies dental needs that can cause rapid decline, depending upon the treatment needed.

fred3 1
High Visibility Sales Executive
Unacceptable Cosmetics

Business owners, entrepreneurs, medical professionals, independent consultants, college or university staff, and especially – for our local area, high profile executives and itinerant college students and staff and their families that seem to spend more time working or traveling and can’t get what they need when it is needed the most.

Long hours with unrelenting schedules for meetings, training events, consultations, salaried work schedules (no simple 9 to 5 stuff) and what seems like back to back travel doesn’t leave much time for the family and even less for the dentist.

Executives and professionals with extremely active lifestyles routinely recognize one or more dental needs that are seldom addressed on a timely basis. Instead, routine dentistry (left untreated) will slowly develop into crisis oriented dental treatment needs.

The differences in impact are considerably different between younger and older adults, however.

fred7 1
Cosmetic Prosthodontics Two
Private Appointments

High Visibility

Patients with professional careers or extreme executive function tend to have a cosmetic need that assures they are comfortable with their appearance either in interactions where they are the focus of large groups of people (public speakers, educators) or where interactions are face to face or on a one to one basis (consultants, medical professionals).

Public speakers and those involved in the education fields represent perhaps the largest group of patients who want the confidence that is needed to maintain the attention of a large audience.

Professional people who are involved in day long face to face relationships are often painfully aware of the distractions that can arise during expressive conversations.

Most of us who have had this experience at one time or other learn the usual techniques of covering our smile, holding back a healthy grin or (for the men) even grow a thick moustache in an effort to keep our dental issues private.

notime autoaccident1
Moustache Smile Disguise Broken
Teeth Trauma
notime autoaccident2
Convenient Access Two
Appointment Replacement

Work Schedule Accommodations

Patients who have the least amount of time for what seems to be a considerable amount of dentistry (multiple cosmetic or reconstructive procedures) are usually accommodated with special appointments.

Uninterrupted extended appointments are routinely arranged during or after hours for patients during the normal work week.

The patient who is pictured in the adjacent emergency bridge failure photo sequence completed an immediate one appointment treatment that enabled Dr. Richard to convert a failed bridge (both anchor teeth broke at the gum line) into a temporary bridge adapted to fit new implant devices.

An educator, our female patient was spared the experience of being without teeth while a new implant supported fixed bridge was being fabricated.

teacher bridge failure before
Anchor Teeth Failure Broken
6 Unit Bridge

Dr. Richard’s access to a wide variety of implant technologies enabled the patient to complete treatment quickly and return to work.

The broken bridge prosthetic (there was no outward cosmetic damage) was structurally sufficient that permitted modification of the anchor teeth within the bridge to be accommodated to implant abutments, on a temporary basis.

Endosseous – Tatum implants provided temporary support to the patient’s modified bridge, while traditional implants were provided the usual time for osseointegration and eventual fitting of a new custom fixed bridge.

Bridge failure that can typically accrue to cemented anchor teeth failure would, for the future, be a non event.

Special weekend, Saturday appointments are available for patients with demanding work schedules that provide almost no flexibility in scheduling.

Professional people and educators, as exemplified here, are often unable to afford perhaps even the slightest moment of cosmetic discomfort due to their primary activities that focus on face to face interactions. For professionals in private practice, their ability to schedule and maintain normal dental treatment becomes impossible.

In summary, a upper jaw reconstruction including extractions of broken anchor teeth, temporary conversion of a failed bridge, placement of temporary and permanent implants, fixed bridge prosthodontics, bone grafting and occlusion analysis. All provided with few appointments… and no interruptions.

Rock Solid Traditional Implants Fixed Bridge Cosmetic Confidence

teacher bridge immediate implants
Immediate Implant Bridge Retrofit
Avoid being Toothless
teacher bridge prosthetics

The combined talents of Dr. Richard Winter and his team enable patients to undergo many different types of comprehensive dental treatments that often are provided in a single dental appointment.

Whether treatments are primarily cosmetic (full porcelain replacements) or are more implant, tooth structure replacement oriented, their ability to schedule private weekend appointment blocks enables patients with overflowing work schedules or active lifestyles to obtain needed treatments with the least amount of appointments and least inconvenience.

Conscious Sedation services are a popular treatment choice for patients who really hate dentistry, have trouble making time for it and simply want the best experience from a private appointment.

Our sedation services enable patients to experience what we define as time collapsed dentistry. Our patients can choose the option to not feel or experience the idea of enduring long treatment sessions, but rather the experience of comprehensive dentistry that seems to be completed in only a few minutes.

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