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Extreme Makeover Prosthodontics

Cosmetic and Functional Choices in Denture Prosthetics

Dr. Richard offers an extensive choice of dental prostheses for our patients. Standard dentures and partials are available for those patients who most appreciate function and value. Visit the Basic Denture page for a case history example.

Dentures can provide an ideal treatment solution for the replacement of multiple teeth that effectively restores dental function that is needed for normal eating and for restoring a patient’s “bite.”

Some denture patients however, have a discriminating eye on the cosmetic or aesthetic look and feel of dentures. The reasons for the keen focus on these qualities of denture prosthetics (outweighs or equals importance of function and value) are usually related to specific interests and needs of the patient.

turbyfill denture1

Some of the more common factors that patients have for focusing on denture cosmetics include: patient age, occupational factors, social factors, special occlusal issues, genetic factors and general lifestyle considerations, to name a few.

The Denture Look

Many people who wear dentures don’t want the denture look. Through the handiwork and craftsmanship of our doctors… we have access to technologies and products that enable our patients to have practically any degree of cosmetic impact they desire, regardless of whether or not their treatment plan includes dentures.

Extreme Makeover Dentures?

The amazing results obtained with “makeover dentistry” (made popular via ABC-TV’s Extreme Makeover program) can be achieved with dentures and even partials. The same qualities of precision dental components and premium porcelain products are indeed available to the doctors who actively practice the prosthodontic fabrication and fitting processes founded by Dr. Earl Pound and Dr Jack Turbyfill.

Cosmetics and Function Combined

Turbyfill Dentures, as a concept, relate to a process and final product that follows a well established sequence of steps that creates a precision functional impression. This specialized functional impression (as contrasted to a one-time static impression that is normally associated with denture making) that captures a copy of someone’s mouth while they are eating, chewing, speaking etc. with great accuracy.

The final functional impression becomes the template for creating the final Turbyfill quality product. The degree of attention to functional and cosmetic detail forms the basis for Dr. Richard’s ability to create a final denture product that can defy detection by doctors and patients alike.

Many of the common problems associated with common denture use are so well controlled with the Turbofil method …. they tend not to exist. Bone deterioration, speech difficulties, shrinkage, eating favorite foods, loose fitting, noisy (clicking sound) all become a practical non-issue.

turbyfill denture2

For denture wearers who have experienced bone and/or tissue degeneration with other types of non-Turbyfill dentures, our doctors have treatment options (special liners, implant anchoring systems, over-dentures, etc) that can address those limitations.

The cosmetic options available with the truly classic Turbyfill denture are almost infinite. Dr. Richard has the skills and proven artistic talent to incorporate aesthetic flair that is not even possible with traditional makeover dentistry.

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