Extreme Makeover

Reconstructive Cosmetic Dentistry

Our patient, as seen in the adjacent before photo, had neglected his teeth for years. He had a chipped front bridge, missing teeth, and several large failing silver fillings.


Occlusal problems existed also, due to uneven wear and tear on dental components that were used through years of normal dental maintenance. Infrequent fillings and dental repair over several years normally results in restorations having differences in wear factors.

Dentures versus permanent teeth

The patient decided it was time to save his teeth as he didn’t want dentures. The idea of having teeth that would need to be removed daily did not appeal to him.

Makeover Magic placed within reach

Complex makeover dentistry that involves numerous reconstructive procedures are made more manageable for our patients, taking into consideration time and financial factors.


Our patient elected to have his upper jaw (maxillary arch) treated first… which was followed by treatment of the lower jaw. The total time frame from start to complete finish was approximately 4 years.

Maxilla Reconstruction

Focusing on the upper arch, Dr. Winter developed a Master Diagnostic Model courtesy of Valley Dental Arts. The patient chose to use dental crowns comprised of porcelain fused to high-noble gold to create the precise cosmetic goal he had in mind.

Dr. Winter paid close attention to critical anatomic details and occlusal factors that would assure a comfortable and normal bite.

Our patient was able to dramatically change the shape and appearance of his teeth while maintaining healthy occlusion and bite. Concerns about crown, bridge and possible jaw pain were a non-issue.


The premium porcelain products and fabrication process further assured that no unsightly metal display would occur… (a frequent event with certain types of dental crowns) even after years of enjoying his beautiful teeth.

The gum tissues turned out to be perfect, another sign that the fusion of precise dentistry and premium ceramics can achieve a harmony between tooth and gum that could even fool the tooth fairy, not to mention mother nature!


The difficult management of achieving the cosmetic goals of the patient and Dr. Winter’s insistence on overcoming and correcting uneven occlusal planes (unstable bite), loss of occlusion, severe decay, and tilted teeth was achieved by working closely with Leszek Rapa, a talented master ceramist.

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