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Fixed Dentures Solution – Implant Bridge Prosthodontic Partials

Dentures and partials are a popular solution for replacing teeth. A skilled dentist or prosthodontist can create tooth replacement solutions for just about any particular need. Upper teeth or lower…. posterior (rear) location or anterior (front).

implant bridgebefore

Wear and tear do take their toll however, which will require eventual replacement of whatever restorative treatments we receive. Denture replacement may be difficult for some patients however, depending on how long they have been wearing dentures and how well the original dentures were designed.

Jawbone loss is common for many denture wearers, caused by the removal of root structures that normally stimulate and preserve our jaw bone structures.

Our patient, a denture wearer who was seeking normal replacement of a lower denture, partials and some worn cosmetic restorations, sought Dr. Winter’s help in overcoming increasing denture pain and loose teeth.

implant bridgebefore2

Evaluated by another dentist, our patient was preparing to spend about $21,000 on her upper arch alone, without attending to her lower denture issues.

After obtaining a 2nd Opinion from Dr. Winter, she learned that she could be treated with a fixed lower implant bridge that would eliminate the denture problems and also be fitted with a custom profile prosthesis for her upper jaw for about the same cost.

The idea of having new lower teeth that she would not have to remove every day… as she had been accustomed to for years… was very appealing to her. No more denture pain… no more denture inconvenience.

implant bridgebefore3

Common Bone Loss Issues

The adjacent photo shows the extent of the resorbed lower jawbone that has occurred as a result of wearing dentures for a long time. This shows the knife-edge quality of her lower arch. Notice the severe loss of bone height and volume from the loss of her teeth.

implant bridgebefore4

Recreating Healthy Jawbone Structure

The patient’s treatment plan included procedures that would refortify the health her lower jaw (mandible) and prepare it for eventual placement of 5 root form dental implants that will resume the bone stimulation she lost when her teeth were originally removed… years ago.

Dr. Winter’s plan included treatments What remains is a narrow ridge that can be treated and prepared for specialized implant devices that will serve as root form attachments that will secure a new fixed bridge and also serve to resume re-stimulation of the bone structures.

Our next treatment picture shows the radical difference between previous picture of compromised jawbone material and the overall health of the patient’s jaw after grafting and implant surgeries. Notice how the width and height of the jawbone has become normalized.

Dr. Winter made a custom lined denture for the patient to wear while her dental implants were healing, so she wouldn’t be toothless on the lower jaw.

implant bridgebefore6

Diagnostic Modeling

Diagnostic impressions, wax up models and the use of an articular enabled Dr. Winter and the patient to create prosthodontic products that would not only restore the healthiest bite possible, but also include opportunities for creating a cosmetic result that the patient wanted.

implant bridgebefore7

This next photo shows the completed creation of a new fixed bridge (on a plaster model) that is custom fitted to the placement of the dental implants in the patient’s lower jaw.

There is no guess work here… and no surprises… the patient knows exactly how her new teeth will look and feel.

Dental Function and Cosmetic Appeal

Our last two pictures show off the dramatic result of the patient’s treatment.

Upper arch rehabilitation included new partials and replacement of individual tooth restorations. The new partials were custom matched to the existing teeth to assure cosmetic harmony between her new upper teeth and existing teeth.

The partials and individual tooth restorations also recreated a new tooth height that served to open and normalize her new bite in conjunction with her new fixed lower bridge.

Our patient is now denture free and has regained healthy jawbone structures she hasn’t had in many, many years.

Our patient was thrilled with the outcome. She is able to eat just about anything she wants and has no pain issues or loose teeth to interfere with her speech. Self confidence, especially in social situations, also became fully restored.


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