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Our patient had lost the ability to smile. She had a history of severe spousal abuse …. and was frequently beaten by her husband.


Her strong will prevailed that enabled her to start making the changes she needed to resume a lifestyle that was appealing to her.

High up on that priority list was regaining her smile. Our patient always felt that her smile was unattractive and wanted something she would love to show off.

Over the years her oral health wasn’t as good as it could have been. At the time she presented in our office she had several misshaped teeth, prolonged periodontitis (advanced gum disease), exposed roots, significant gum recession and numerous loose teeth. Bone resorption was significant in both the upper (maxillary) and lower (mandibular) jaws.


Her mother was a patient of ours who had undergone treatment that included cosmetic dentures. Our patient wanted the same type of treatment that would provide her with great looking teeth that would become integrated into her jawbone.

She wanted new teeth that would be rock solid stable and enable her to eat anything she wanted without having to worry about the teeth eventually becoming loose or making speech difficult.


Dr. Winter recommended the use of implants and a custom overdenture bar system that would provide the anchoring functions she wanted for stability and ease of becoming adjusted to her new teeth.

Dental Function and Cosmetic Appeal

While these dental functions were very important for her, a great cosmetic result was equally important. She simply wanted a mouthful of great looking teeth that were precisely made to fit her face and features. She wanted essentially… natural looking and natural feeling teeth.


The final cosmetic and functional outcomes of the overbar denture treatment were very very successful. As can been seen in the fourth picture in our treatment and procedure series, the dentures have significant cosmetic features. Coloration, shading, texture and individual tooth sizes were created to match the specifications defined by the patient.

Our final photo shows off the extremely attractive matching of the patients new teeth to her face and smile. The impact was unusually significant for our patient. She broke down in tears when she saw her face in the mirror Dr. Winter provided so she could view the final treatment from different perspectives.


Implant supported cosmetic dentures are a popular treatment choice for many patients who have jawbone deterioration or other major oral health issues. Cosmetic and prosthodontic qualities of nearly any degree can be fabricated into a denture solution that looks and feel very natural.

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