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Milwaukee Cosmetic Mini Implant Reconstructive Dentistry

Milwaukee Cosmetic Mini Implant Reconstructive Dentistry

Denture Teeth Conversion and Upgrade Procedures

Dentures are a popular tooth replacement solution for many patients, based perhaps on the notion it is easily affordable… compared to other treatments.

Our case study focuses on a young man who had been wearing dentures for a good while but was beginning to experience symptoms that caused him to seek new solutions. A professional singer and musician, having sound tooth and jaw structures were critical for his occupation.

Our patient was beginning to experience the changes that most long term denture wearers experience… dentures that become loose due primarily to increasing bone loss.

Dr. Rick Winter confirmed the diagnosis and presented a sample of our Upgradeable Dentistry treatment plans, a treatment option that has become very popular for our patients who decide to start with denture treatments but want to move toward optimal treatments that prevent bone loss and assure long term normal dental function.

Patients who had assumed certain dental technologies were not available to them due to cost or oral health issues…. are provided with an incremental treatment path that is not only affordable…but practically guarantees that the “best long term treatment” objectives are obtained.

marcel beforeclose 2
marcel beforesurgery

Marcel, our featured patient, was very concerned about bone loss. The discussion about the continued deterioration of bone was beginning to worry him. Marcel had 3 remaining teeth (pictured here) on his lower jaw.

The idea of his current partial denture eventually becoming loose, that might start rocking and allowed food impaction was something he wanted to avoid.

Upgradeable Dentistry Treatment Plan Example

Traditional implants were not within reach for the time being so Marcel decided to have 5 mini-implants placed to stabilize the partial.

The Imtec implants will allow Marcel to chew with more force, preserve the bone and give stability to the partial so there is less rocking, tipping, sore gums, food impaction and tissue destruction.

marcel croppedimplants 2

The two adjacent photos show the new implants that are in perfect alignment with the new denture partial.

The metal based partial provides rigidity and cross arch stabilization to protect the implants during chewing.

The patient’s existing teeth brace the partial to prevent dislodgement during chewing and provide a solid base for chewing against an upper denture or set of natural teeth.

marcel prosthesis

The fittings on the partial are configured with rubber “0” ring spacers that gently guide the partial into place with a tight, snug fit that feels “rock solid” to the patient.

Multiple implants provide a level of secured stability that enables denture patients to enjoy foods they usually have been unable to eat. Salads, raw carrots, apples and peanuts are just a few of the favorite foods and snacks that can be eaten again.

Watch this entertaining Video for Marcel’s candid description of inserting the new partial and his experience of being able to eat things he has had to avoid for years. Marcel has several things to say about mini implants, many very insightful, that all denture wearers should know. Click here to see more videos.

Upgradeable Options

The mini-implants can be replaced or supplemented with traditional implants if needed for extra hold.

In Marcel’s case, if a mini-implant needs to be added in the future, the procedure would be inexpensive and provide increased stabilization.

marcel clasp

Marcel’s ability to Upgrade (at any time) could allow for a bar to be placed over traditional implants and these mini’s could be removed, or configured into a bar attachment device, adding yet another step toward improving chewing power that approaches what is normally associated with natural teeth.

The adjacent photo shows Marcel’s beautiful smile with hidden clasps – a real confidence builder for our patient. The natural contours of Marcel’s smile provide a template for the upper implant reconstruction that will take place next.

We have a proven smile with the esthetics and newfound comfort that Marcel wants to maintain and improve upon. This stage of his overall treatment plan provides a new starting point for the next phase of his dental rehabilitation (modification of a standard upper denture).

marcel closeup 3

When the acrylic palate is removed from his upper denture, Marcel will once again be able to taste food easily, be able to discriminate between hot/cold and sweet/sour. He will be free of the feeling of having so much acrylic in his mouth (for some patients dentures can create a near gag response).

Similar to the treatment Marcel selected for his lower jaw, the upper jaw will be fitted with mini-implants or traditional implants with a bar adapted to his existing denture.

More Upgrade Options

Later, Marcel will always have the option to add more implants and provide him with fixed bridges on his implants, creating a full set of teeth. For the near future, Marcel elected to have an implant supported overdenture that can be developed, with the options mentioned above, into a hybrid prosthesis or fixed bridge.

As can be seen in the adjacent photo…. Marcel is thrilled with what has been achieved so far.

Visit our Multimedia Gallery to see and hear Marcel talk, very entertainingly, about different stages of his treatment and the personal experiences he had.

marcel fullface

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