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Overdenture Attachments

Over Denture Attachments for Turbyfill Denture Training

Being toothless (edentulous) is no fun and can create a number of hardships for normal dental function, routine eating behaviors and, perhaps most difficult of all ….. being able to smile with confidence.

Dental Implants are well known to be the Gold Standard of tooth replacement procedures, as popularized by Dr. Branemark and Nobel Biocare. Dental implants do require sound jawbone structures.

There are instances however, where partially dentate patients still have strong roots despite considerable wear on the upper, incisal portions of a few remaining teeth that some dentists and denturists may recommend for extraction.

ball implant denture1

During an assessment of this patient’s dental condition, shown in this first pre-op before photo, Dr. Winter discovered the patient had four healthy root structures that could be adapted and fitted for specialized denture attachment devices, named locators.

The patient was excited to learn that he now had a choice of either a traditional denture or a secured denture. The prospect of having teeth that would stay in his mouth was very appealing for him. The decision wasn’t difficult….

Our second mid treatment photo shows the completion of removing the tops of the teeth and preparation of the remaining healthy roots.

ball implant denture3

The third picture shows the successful insertion of specialized attachment devices (for two of the roots) that provides the basis for a fixed denture solution for our patient.

Training Dentures

The Turbyfill Denture Training System was an integral part of the treatment program. This system involves the use of a training denture that is used for ongoing adjustments for soft tissue support and comfort, optimal bite – occlusion and cosmetic detail while the patient adjusts to wearing dentures.

ball implant denture6

During the training period, adjustments are closely monitored, enabling Dr. Winter to use an articulator and additional custom denture bases that serve as a model for creating the final cosmetic denture. During this phase the patient provides vital functional and cosmetic information that leads to the creation of a denture that looks and feels exactly the way the patient wants it.

During the healing process after surgery, Dr. Winter uses an articulator and waxup to create a custom denture that provides the cosmetic result the patient wants and also recreates the dental function our patient hasn’t had in years.

Additionally, the models provide the template for achieving the best possible alignment of the attachment devices that assure a fit that feels perfect and the newfound confidence that comes with teeth that stay in the mouth and don’t feel like dentures.

The adjacent denture photo shows the precise location of the mounting devices on the underside of the denture.

The next picture shows the final denture, with the cosmetic characteristics requested by the patient.

ball implant denture2
ball implant denture4

Notice how some of the tooth structures have variations in color and size. Our patient wanted to have teeth that looked natural and would be age appropriate for him.

He didn’t want something that would normally belong to a person in their twenties. Looking natural and feeling natural was important for our patient.

The final cosmetic and functional outcomes of treatment exceeded all of the patient’s expectations. He was thrilled with how the Turbyfill technique, a process that takes about 2 months to complete, was well worth it.

No pain, no discomforts, no loose or clacking teeth, no speech problems and practically no dietary restrictions. He could eat just about anything he wanted.

ball implant denture5

And of course… the best benefit of all… was to have teeth that seemed to belong in his mouth… that didn’t have to be placed in a jar every night….

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