Seminar Testimonials

Illinois Academy of General Dentistry – ‘Advanced Treatment Planning’

  • Excellent course. Excellent Instructor

  • Course and instructor were fantastic. Thank you IL AGD and Dr.Winter I could pay more and travel farther but I don’t think I could get a better course!

  • Amazing presentation! Very timely for me and my career and practice. Very practical in regards to situations I encounter every day. Learned things that will help me to better serve my patients.

  • Very extensive information, instructor very knowledgeable about his material. Very friendly I highly recommend for future meetings.

  • One of the best I could have attended.

  • Excellent very practical information can be used in practice everyday.

  • Awesome course!

  • I loved the simplest simulation!

  • Course was more focused on implants than I was lead to believe by the title. But it was a great course anyway.

  • Would have liked to see more Tx options for each case based on different price points instead most of cases presented had an initial cost and tx was geared toward only that cost.Would like to see multiple degrees of tx for each case. Other than that I took away some good “pearls” from the course that will aid my everyday practice.

  • Overall I thought this was a fantastic course and appreciated the large amount of hands -on instruction. Meeting space was too small – no room for hands-on and computer and space between me and the person next to me. I understand some people were warm and I don’t mind.

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