Composite Bonding For Amelogenesis Imperfecta

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Front: Defect in her enamel matrix.

Front: Teeth malshaped and covered by gum tissue. Right and left side prior to gym surgery and composite build ups to restore her teeth with composite crowns.

Front: Completed maxillary arch and the establishment of normal tooth shape, shade and contours prior to working on the lower arch.

Front: Retracted view showing how her gum tissue overgrew her teeth and how the teeth appeared to be slanted and malformed. Then complex composite bonding to help restoration.


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Amelogenesis Imperfecta is a development disorder of the teeth that can present in many ways. Fourteen forms of AI have been identified. The teeth can be discolored, pitted or hyperplastic, and present with heavy grooves or enamel deficiency… >>Read Full Article

13-year-old suffering from Amelogenesis Imperfecta.

Amelogenesis Imperfecta, caused by a chromosomal defect, causes teeth to be unusually small, discolored, pitted or grooved, and prone to rapid wear and breakage. Current studies show that 14 known types now exist. About 1 in 14,000 people are affected.

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