Dental Bonding with Composite Resin

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Front: Restorative Posterior Filling. Leaking Amalgams to Bonded Composites.

Front: Removing defective silver amalgam fillings and restoring these teeth with bonded composite resins.

Front: Palodent Plus matrix used to hold matrix bands on the teeth with a rubber dam to prevent moisture contamination. Then removal of the silver and special caries detecting stains being used to insure all the bacteria are removed from the tooth prior to placing a filling.

Front: This insures there won't be microleakage in the new restoration. The photo shows how SDR resins (Dentsply Sirona) or stress decreasing resins are used to build the tooth up in stages to bring it to its final natural contours. The dental anatomy is added with a special burr.

Front: Sequential polishers are used to bring the new fillings to a shiny luster. The teeth are now white, pretty and have been reinforced through composite bonding technology.


Replacing leaking amalgam fillings with white composite resin.

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