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Front: Before and after photo for Deluxe Crowns on 2 front teeth. Before photo shows a leaking composite filling and the upper left front tooth has discoloration as the nerve was dead.

Close-Up: After photo of the restored anterior teeth and close up of her lateral incisor to communicate to the lab what we are trying to match.

Close-up: The shade guide used to communicate the colors to the Master Ceramist at the dental lab. Then two anterior crowns completed.

Front: Close up before of failed bonding and a necrotic tooth and close up of the final smile.

Front: Final retracted photos.



Restoring the “dead” tooth

Products used were E-Max crowns.

In many situations the treatments of choice that offer strong predictability of success, both functionally and cosmetically, are the use of restorative procedures recommended by a cosmetic dentist. New porcelain crowns for restoring deteriorating teeth to natural contours and function, buildups and fillings to test a new bite or restore lost biting relationships, implant crowns, bridges and quality feldspathic porcelain offer a variety of creative methods for overcoming the loss of enamel.

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