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Front: Full face pre-op smile showing the dark short teeth that had spacing which the patient did not like. Post-op broad, natural, white smile in place after porcelain veneers and crowns were placed.

Close-up: Close up pre-op smile showing the short, dark teeth. Post-op natural curvature of the new smile with e-max crowns and veneers.

Close-up: Pre-op severe wear of the upper teeth by noting the thin incisor edges of her upper teeth. Post-op completed crowns and veneers and the beautiful tissue response to these new white crowns.

Close-up: Pre-op occlusal view showing the worn teeth and the loss of some enamel on the inside of the upper teeth. Post-op porcelain crowns and veneers from the top to see how they are in harmony with the adjacent teeth. 

Close-up: Plastic matrix showing the added height we would achieve with the new crowns. Post-op close up of completed porcelain rehabilitation. 

Close-up: Right and left lateral view of the completed smile respectively.

Close-up: Close up retracted view of the completed smile. Extreme close up of the front 4 crowns highlighting the care and attention taken to making these crowns look natural and reflect light in a natural way. 


Deluxe porcelain veneers in a complete maxillary reconstruction.

Porcelain Enamel Reconstructive Makeover.

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