Root Canal Therapy Patient

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Close-Up: Silver filling that appears normal but decay is found on the x-ray accompanied by patient having a severe toothache. Then removal of the old amalgam and the brown represents recurrent decay that extends to the nerve.

Close-Up: Decay removal and the nerve exposure. Then the tooth opened up to reveal the canals inside the tooth where the nerve resides. Note the filled root canal or endodontically treated tooth with composite resin being added to build up the remaining tooth structure.

Close-Up: Composite bonding to restore the tooth and create a prototype for the crown that the tooth will now need to undergo.


Root Canal on a Molar. Root canal therapy with composite filling prior to crown.

Crowns are needed on endodontically treated teeth to restore proper occlusion and to splint the tooth together to help prevent fracture as teeth with root canals are drier, weaker and more prone to fracture without a crown to cover the remaining tooth structure.

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