Sinus Lift Patient

Case ID: 92862


Front: Left: Full face before treatment showing a gummy smile, bone loss and over eruption of teeth. Right: Retracted view of teeth pre-operatively.

Front: Left: Initial dentures after surgery which acted as a template for final implant restoration. Right: Sinus lift window for adding bone in the posterior jaw.

Front: Left: Bone block against recipient site to add width for implant placement. Right: Block grafted bone screwed into recipient site for block graft augmentation.

Front: Left: CAT scan or CBCT scan to plan implants and create a surgical guide. Right: Implant Surgical guide placed in the mouth.

Front: Left: Upper implants after placement. Right: New implant temporaries in place.

Front: Left: A view of the maxillary bar over denture bar in the mouth with Locator attachments on the bar for retention. Right: Upper and lower implant over dentures.

Front: Left: Overdentures in mouth post-operatively Right: Overdentures at 1 year evaluation.

Front: Pre-operative starting photo and post-operatively showing how we reconstructed his mouth and smile. Ultimate before and After photos.


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This patient presented to our general practice for a consultation with a limited budget and the desire to restore his smile. The patient’s medical history was unremarkable, and his dental deterioration was quick … >>Read Full Article

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