Smile Makeover Patient

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Front: Before: Old anesthetic crowns with slanted bite. After: Full maxillary reconstruction with porcelain crowns.

Oblique Left: Natural smile views of the completed porcelain reconstruction

Close-up: Close ups of the before dentition and the after smile. Before: lack of symmetry and tipped occlusal plane as well as old crowns with metal margins.

Front: Old crowns were carefully sliced to preserve remaining tooth structure. Provisional restoration used to help create a blueprint for her new crowns and bridge restorations.

Front: Right lateral smile view and left lateral smile view.

Front: Preoperative smile before gum tissue shaping. Electro surge to gently result the soft tissues to insure symmetry of the final crowns.

Front: Highlights the final smile.


This is a woman that works in health care. She was unhappy with her smile. Her teeth were crooked, didn’t match and she had ugly crowns. The treatment we provided was to change the shape of her gums with soft tissue recontouring followed by new crowns on her upper teeth. This changed her esthetics and allowed her to have a smile that increased her confidence. She now has a more natural smile display and improved bite.

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